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Kafka's Metamorphosis in Švandovo Theatre: black comedy about the mutiny

Kafka's Metamorphosis in Švandovo Theatre: black comedy about the mutiny As a black comedy about a man's rebellion indicate Kafka's Metamorphosis Švandovo Theatre in Prague. The most famous short story by Franz Kafka, the director staged Dodo Gombár that Smíchov scene four years formed as artistic director.

The production of apple-pie workers and breadwinners who wake up one morning as a giant insect, will experience a fundamental change not only the main character, but also the interior of the theater: the audience will sit on stage and play will be in the audience.

Scary, is absurd and ridiculous at the same time drama about a strange metamorphosis of Gregor Samsa will premiere on May 31 - just three days before the 90th anniversary of the writer's death.

"We staging a revolt against expectations. The revolt against expectations at home, at work and in your own head. O how funny all of our plans and how loud they can be our dreams, "says the director Dodo Gombár.

The one in the theater for four years offers significant space-makers with a clear copyright handwriting, the graphic quality of the game according to Švandům attract deserved attention of the audience. Kafka's Metamorphosis, which is in Svandovo theater last premiere of the season, and follows the line of successful, well-received titles audiences. This was in the 2013-2014 season should be directed Bondy Shaman Victoria Čermáková, perhaps leaving by John Balaban directed by Martin Františák, Country Indifference dedicated to the work and personality of Karel Kryl (r. D. Gombár) Čapkův Krakatit dramatized and directed by Daniel Hrbek or modern version of Shakespeare's Hamlet through the eyes of Daniel Špinar.

Humor, Music and Theater "slightly different"

Kafka's Metamorphosis, one of the major works of world literature, dramatized Dodo Gombár together with the production dramaturg Lucie KOLOUCHOVÁ. That the production says, "Our Transformation wants to be cheeky, ruthless probe family relationships. We decided to perception of Franz Kafka bring more humor than usual. We were interested in people in marginal situations: Gregory, who one day just decides that he has had enough and closed in on itself, on the other side of his family, who for years lived at his expense and at the same time to take care of the source of income as well as his impotent son. In addition, we also rely Metamorphosis of Kafka's famous letter to his father. A attentive viewer will find in the game and motives of the Description of a Struggle ".

Gregor Samsa played by Marek hurry. Sympathetic native of St. Petersburg is a permanent fixture Smíchov file (Idiots, Hamlet, Krakatit, Crash the stream, Craft, Mein Kampf, Wings of Desire, Vladimir whore). "In Kafka's text me from the first moment fascinated by the atmosphere. This inexplicable stuffy, family rot, which can thrive even in real families, without anyone having to change to a bug, "says Marek hurried series of well-known Czech century, Comeback, agency, or the miracle of life film Alois Nebel.

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