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Fraudsters are also angling for those who are looking for work

Do you think that incorrect traders focus only on the elderly? Nikoli. Mothers on parental leave, students and people with low incomes - all who are looking for extra income can come across unreliable "employer" under the pretext of jobs attract people for money.

Seek additional income through the Internet is now commonplace, but how to recognize serious offer from fraudulent? "If someone is looking for manpower, whether full-time or agreement after you will never ask for upfront fees. He'll want to know to know who you work with a payment of remuneration is not linked to the performance of several other conditions, "summarizes the features of a credible job offers Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest.

According to what we should focus, if we are to avoid the unpleasant experience of scam work? It is appropriate to focus primarily on the following four warning signs:
1st Keep in mind that nothing is for free and no little labor standard does not rate. If the advertiser promises high earnings in just a few hours a day or a week, you probably will not be a reliable supply.
Second caution is in place, if the provider or advertising person does important information such as the company name or the name of a natural person, the identification number (ID) and other contact information.
3rd attentive, if you are offered work without the other party interested in more information about you, your work experience, time available, etc.
Fourth major warning sign is required down payment. Incorrect Some advertisers want the candidates called for highly charged line or send expensive SMS messages. Jobseekers told that proclamation amount will be refunded with the first payment.

A similar practice is sought reimbursement for the so-called decision or order a registration package set. Charges may move at different rates, there may be a 50 CZK, 4000 CZK well. Charges may be justified, for example, as the cost of printing or posting materials. Advertisers usually argue that payments to prove to them that you are serious about your interest.

"In mediation can not work under the Employment Act apply any payment," says
Luke Green.

An example of a company using the above practices is According damaged offer job looked so it was necessary to send CZK 1700, inter alia, beads and instructional video. The company promised that when candidates are preparing the first products conclude an agreement with them for work and pay them a reward. By sending a package with a minimum value, however, cooperation has ended.

Another company Trux GROUP sro, offered the task of envelope stuffing. People paid a registration fee of 660 CZK. After fee payment candidates received instruction letter indicating that you have yourself an advertisement and then forward the contacts of those who will hear the advertisement. After that Trux GROUP sro with job applicants can not communicate.

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