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In šumavských rivers lives of the next generation of brown trout

Employees of the NP and PLA planted fingerling brown trout in rivers that flow through the national park. Within zarybňovacího plan issued by the Ministry of Environment strengthen the indigenous population of the Bohemian fish.

More than 110,000 pieces of fingerling brown trout (Salmo trutta) released this year Employees of the NP and PLA into tributaries of the four rivers that flow through the Šumava National Park. It is a river Křemelná, Řasnice, Hot and Cold Vltava Vltava - among others in the newly revitalized part of the creek Hučín Stožecká.

"Fry of brown trout, brook forms that we have these days, planted with about a month ago widened. We wiped him in October last year. In the natural process will live to adulthood, only 5 percent of brown trout, "says Josef Sperl, head of the fish hatchery on the Pine Barrens, which is the highest fish hatcheries in the Czech Republic.

Brook trout is our only fish that wipes the fall and in the wild there over the winter to large losses. U artificially bred fry a view of the longer life real. If artificially bred fish fry from hatcheries will plant in the spring, the losses are smaller. Warm fry is a naturally better able to adapt.

"It is difficult to estimate, but we expect that about a third of us have planted fry survive in the wild,"
says Josef Sperl.
Fingerling trout are planted in small streams, which then flows into the rivers. During his life, when trout each year accrue on the length of about five to ten centimeters, still wanders where it has more food, the place where the river rises. "In three to four years before an individual reaches sexual trout, returns to places where it was discontinued in small rivers and tributaries. Here wipes itself and establishes a new generation, "says Josef Sperl.

Artificial rearing of brown trout to Manage NP and PLA deals since 1998. Discharged fry this year is his sixteen generations. Brown trout discharged employees to the management of the park Sumava zarybňovacího streams according to plan, the Ministry of Environment. According to him, the Šumava deleted and grayling, burbot jednovousého a minnow, which are native species of fish šumavských. Since then, in some places, the number of fish up to five times.

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Tz Author: Pavel Pechoušek

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