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Four foods that help manage depression

People suffering from chronic hepatitis C are compared to the rest of the population particularly prone to depression. With their mastery often be helped by your doctor. A life without depression, we can help ourselves. Help certain food components, which are very beneficial for our health.

Depression, on the other

With some changes of mood disorders in hepatitis C be reckoned with. The thought of a serious disease of mind certainly does not add, as well as you may also work therapy alone. Interferon therapy is a big step forward, but a common side effect here is just the emergence of depression. Sometimes we have days where nothing goes right and our mood is almost at freezing point. This does not mean that now suffers from depression.

Mood disorder is manifested more severe. You ask how?
Feelings of sadness and emptiness, lack of interest in his surroundings, sleep disturbances, fatigue and loss of energy, feelings of guilt and inferiority, recurrent thoughts of death, suicidal behavior.

"Four" for a good mood

According to statistical estimates suffer from depression for about 30-70% of people with hepatitis C, which is definitely not enough. Although no food treat this problem does not guarantee several components of the diet will certainly help improve the poor state of mind.

Proper carbohydrates. Whole grains such as brown rice, oats, spelled or quinoa, significantly help to improve mood. This is likely to increase levels of serotonin, a hormone good mood in brain tissue. Participate will probably also maintain constant blood sugar levels, which fluctuations can have a negative impact on our state of mind. Bonuses for "céčkaře" is to protect liver cells from ztukovatěním.

Omega-3 fatty acids. Their adequate supply of diet helps fight anxiety, sleep disturbance, feelings of sadness, suicidal thoughts or decreased libido. The richest source of omega-3 fatty acids are fish, but also walnuts or flax seeds. These acids also reduce inflammation of the liver.

Range of vitamin B. In particular, vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid are useful in maintaining a good mood. In addition, they are very important for the formation of red blood cells which individuals with liver will appreciate it as prevention of anemia. "Beck" vitamins are found in the guts, eggs, milk, cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin D Deficiency is generally regarded as accomplices of depression. The proof can be enormously high number of suicides in Iceland, where the least sunny days throughout Europe. Vitamin D is partly formed by sunlight on the skin. Foods rich in vitamin D are fish, milk and eggs.

There is ample evidence that depression can come from a bad diet. In subjects with chronic hepatitis C for the emergence of mood disorders is their illness and side effects of treatment. Not always a bad mood can be solved simply by changing the diet. However, if your diet to shift into the above-mentioned components of food, you will definitely feel better.

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