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Goosebumps - goosebumps, a film about the disintegration of Czechoslovakia

Goosebumps - goosebumps, a film about the disintegration of Czechoslovakia First of all, as one of the comments of this 25th anniversary November 17, 1989 was a film Goosebumps - goosebumps. Director Martin Hanzlíček appears in the film the events that followed the release of the political fall of 1989 and focuses mainly on the development of relations between Czechs and Slovaks in a common state. The feature-length documentary was based on the theme Slovak sociologist and journalist Fedor Gál, who, after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia moved to Prague.

The documentary captures the period 1990 - 1992. During the follow-up to one marvels how soon began to appear on the efforts of the division of Czechoslovakia, as a long time took a dispute over a hyphen in the name of the new state. Director Martin Hanzlíček originally worked forty hours archives, whose key moments edited in order to issue for the citizens of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia, where the crew captured the contemporary comments of the nearly quarter of a century old events. It was interesting and finding out what they know about Czechoslovakia today's high school, which gave Hanzlíček camera to capture what about the breakup of Czechoslovakia think their parents and grandparents.

"How I Met while filming, almost no picture for today's high school students there. Only something from the movies Hřebejk. In my opinion, this is a tragic testimony to the level of our education, "he says Hanzlíček. When shooting came across resistor Nymburk local high school students to name the writer Bohumil Hrabal. 'If these kids knew just how Hrabal, for example, helped many of us to survive those crazy years of normalization, "wonders Hanzlíček. Conversely get to document the various actors who remember the events and feelings that experienced after the "Velvet Divorce" for the filmmakers was not difficult.

The document is in Czech cinemas on display from May 1.

Interview with Fedor Gál

Why after so many years of opening theme breakup of Czechoslovakia?
I am sure that in every historical episode is hidden spirit of our time. And since I'm in a film documentaries only visiting amateur, selecting the critical topics that I nažita. This failure is one of them. And why, after so many years? That's simply released - after a long journey short, Slovak 1989-90, after a cycle of essays for Natálka a film that we her story with Martin Hanzlíček pay. By the way, Martin has directed all these movies. Hats off.

It was a logical consequence of the disintegration of Czechoslovakia development changes that started in November 1989?
The break-up of Czechoslovakia perceive as a result of the interplay of many factors, among which dominated stupid, personal and group interests of the power elite, the Communist mentality, nationalistic instincts ... and overall instability in the region, which probably had to change the mode to come.

It touches on the subject you somehow more personally, or do you mainly commemorate this crucial stage of history?
Yeah, that is my theme concerns the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in person. I lost a piece of their identity. Personally I wished to preserve the common law and as an active politician at that time I publicly their opinion and attitude also manifested. However, I lost.

Disintegrated, many post-communist countries - the Soviet empire and Yugoslavia. How do you perceive in the context of the disintegration of Czechoslovakia?
Blood was not shed, does not mean it did not hurt.

After the collapse of the Federative Republic have moved from Slovakia to the Czech Republic. What made ​​you do that and how it was perceived around you?
To exit from Slovakia and Bratislava in the Czech Republic and Prague motivated me desire to break free from the straitjacket and find a more tolerant social and professional background, and they succeeded. His wife and children after a short time moved me. My loved ones Slovak remained such to continue.

This November it will be 25 years since the Velvet Revolution, where do you see for a quarter of a century shifted the two countries?
We live - such as perceived quality of life over a substantial part of citizens - the best episode of our history. However, I was a little surprised how few people admit this fact.

Trailer for the movie

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