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Prague's biggest cycling race knocking on the door

The capital city is undoubtedly a huge amount of entertainment and sports activities. One of them you can be the biggest mountain bike race in Prague Genesis Bike Prague, which offers participants the perfect service, a route forests and meadows, and last but not least, the ultimate driving experience alongside Czech cycling tips.

The third edition of Genesis Bike Prague kicks off on June 14th in front of the Gallery Butovice! And therefore their massage the muscles and come to really stomp!

Pleasantly spent for sport - you do not have a family afternoon sprout from the city! Prague's largest bikerský venture is designed for both professionals and "hobíkům". You can choose from two routes leading the Czech Karst. To grapple with technical descents, steep exit or Ford, we have prepared the track for 65 kilometers. If you want more experience racing atmosphere and explore the broad ways without technical passages will be suitable for you line measuring 35 km. In addition, the plant is unique in that the length of the race, you can select up to him in the course and on the 19th kilometer. And that's not all! The little ones will surely love to get competitive, so for them to be ready to race at 350 m, 700 m, 2 and 3 km.

Build your own team, whether it is your motivation to exercise as possible. Subscribe you can either tandem or in Slow Motion competition. In tandem, you can log in the composition of man - woman, one of you will complete a 65 km long and 35 km shorter second track. Slow Motion is the largest number of competitors, where each of you can select any track. The winner is the team that will have a maximum time reached the sum of all times.

Genesis Race Bike Prague boasts impeccable service throughout the entire event. For every biker will be refreshments along the route and service in case of any problem. Finished to welcome hot meal, wash not only for bicycles and eventually a raffle for great prizes. About Your kids will love to take care of the children's center Hafíkov. There is also a storage depot or things. Start and finish the race is located in the outdoor shopping Galerie Butovice, on metro line B. Start main plant is in 12 hours.

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