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Prague's oldest mare gave birth to a foal in Mongolia

The legendary mare Zeta, which was in the first group of horses transported from the Czech Republic to Mongolia will celebrate in the middle of his twentieth birthday. From local earned the name Star because it survived the tragic winter of 2010 and gave birth to nine foals already. The last of them last week!

Mare From (in Mongolian Star or bright, original Czech name Zeta) is the best proof of the success return once extinct Przewalski horses to Mongolia. The multiple mother and grandmother was born as the first foal for breeding and acclimatization station Prague zoo in Lower Dobřejov. It was in the first group of horses transported from the Prague zoo in Mongolia in 1998 as one of two horses survived the tragic winter of 2010, while the rest of the herd fell.

"In Mongolia, brought into the world for nine foals, the last of which was born in a cold snowy morning last week and became the first foal this year in the Gobi," said co-worker Prague zoo Ganbaatar.

Coincidentally, these days spent in Mongolia for a few days and teams Prague zoo and the Army of the Czech Republic. The aim of the mission was to examine the possibility of landing transport aircraft CASA of Przewalski horses on a strip of flat surfaces in the semi-desert.

"After many discussions with representatives of the Mongolian Civil Aviation Authority on Sunday early evening, we examined a little time and rode for Zeto. We found it in less than an hour away from Takhini Talu. He remained aloof of his flock and let us closer to a distance that allowed us to have her and her four-day foal a good look, "says Miroslav Bobek, director of the Prague Zoo." It seems to be in great shape. "

From the mother by rangers drinking milk and according to the court Ganbaatar terms of the mare.

Star Prague boasts yet another record - in the middle of celebrating its twentieth birthday, and is thus the oldest mare Przewalski horses in the Gobi B National Park

"Having lived for twenty years in harsh conditions and even gave birth to another foal in the history of the reintroduction of Przewalski horses really exceptional and symbolic events illustrating the success of the Prague zoo to return the last wild horses in his former homeland," says Miroslav Bobek.

This year's transport Przewalski horses is scheduled for early July, to head off to Mongolia, as in previous years, three horses.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Zoo Praha

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