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Elephant dung again in the streets of Prague!

Unusual campaign Prague zoo to boost sales of exclusive fertilizers flooded the streets of Prague. Pears fertilized elephant dung replaced on billboards strawberries.

The campaign fertilization of elephant dung Zoo Praha in Prague streets first appeared in 2011. Billboards and city lights then pointed to the beginning of the sale of elephant dung in the Prague zoo. This year, the Prague Zoo has established a successful campaign and prepared a second wave of unfertilised called elephant dung.

"With some exaggeration, now replaced by a gigantic (elephant dung fertilized) pear on billboards, one small (elephant dung unfertilized) strawberry," says Vít Kahle, Head of Marketing Zoo Praha. "Campaign aims not only to promote active gardeners before the impending season, but also write in memory of Prague residents and attract attention to the Prague zoo in an unusual way. "

Elephant dung from the beginning of its sales gained great popularity among gardeners. Buckets weighing 1.5 kg are sold only on the premises of the Prague Zoo. The price per bucket is 70 crowns, the return of the plastic bag drops to 50 "annually sells about 1,200 buckets, proceeds from the sale of around 80 thousand," says Vít Kahle.

Elephant dung can be used for all types of beds, it is recommended to apply primarily in sandy and clay soils, at least three weeks before planting. It is suitable as fertilizer and compost, and directly into the soil, due to low efficiency of digestion process elephants contains, at least 40 percent very slightly spaced parts of plants.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo: Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha

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