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Who is my child, ask Czech filmmakers

Who is my child, ask Czech filmmakers Have you ever doubted that a child that you raise yours? Today's genetics allows you to have doubts confirmed or refuted with almost total certainty.

As this option will affect your life and your relationships with others? You'll partner less jealous when you know that you provide an exact science evidence? You act differently to their own children and children adopted? And how genetic tests of family transformed the Czech laws?

These questions are asked by the filmmakers and the result is a film or my child, who will be today, April 17, premiered in competition at the festival Academia Film Olomouc. Was co-produced by Czech Television, Production Radim Prochazka and companies Vernes. Its foundation supported the Palacky University in Olomouc. The film is part of a pilot of the Man, it is a science, which is now preparing creators.

Film on the specific case of biological relatedness of individuals from many angles explores how knowledge of contemporary science affects human behavior. Scientists led by evolutionary psychologist Catherine Klapilová not only explain the genetic principles of human functioning, but also show some concrete research. For example experiment demonstrating human jealousy.

The initiator of the film was writer and producer Zdeněk Holy, who wrote and supervised jointly with scientists at professional accuracy. In the Czech television with his idea took a creative producer Martina Šantavá. Film directed by Marek Duda and Radim Prochazka (including Drnovice Catenaccio).

Who is my child

Nonfiction television documentary exploring the implications of genetic testing parenthood from the perspective of evolutionary biology.

For several years, can men in developed societies to verify whether the real father of their children. Genetic tests parenthood give them the confidence you never had. Why not, the question of biological paternity bothering with it as jealousy, as a partner in the relationship provides mutual loyalty and, as in all that genes play a role?

Filmmakers on film:
"We wanted to make a genre film. In the Czech Republic narrative non-fiction films almost does not rotate, so we look for the foreign models. We tried to make this popular genre of Czech research scientists to if not the world, then at least the international level. "

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