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Castle Bezděz issued another of its treasures

Castle Bezděz issued another of its treasures Kastelán state Bezděz Mr. Juřička discovered in the castle rare wood carving, which belongs to the group of fourteen woodcuts, which formed the decoration of the chapels lining the path to Bezděz. Wood carvings appear Calvary depicts scenes Asking found in the tomb of Christ. Woodcarving dates from the late 17th or early 18th century and considered from about 60 last century lost.

Chapels lining the path to the royal castle was in 1686 by Countess Anna Marie von Wallenstein. Chapels of fifteen and tens of thousands lined the route of pilgrims who came to Bezděz to bow black Madonna of Montserrat, which was brought here in 1666 Montserrat Benedictine order. The chapels were decorated with paintings and later first woodcuts with scenes of the crucifixion of Christ - Calvary by an unknown author. Woodcarvings was fourteen, in the fifteenth chapel at the gate of the castle was a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Wood carvings in chapels survived not only throughout the 18th and 19 century, but the second world war. During the fifties and sixties of the 20th century, but began to lose and so is the former warden Bezdězí gradually vynosil to the castle, where they were exhibited in Purkrabská palace, there is probably some lost but so were the rest - eleven - were taken to the Regional Museum and Gallery in the Czech Lipa, where Biber exposed in the chapel.

Surviving embossed wood panels are made of pine wood in a dark brown tone (1000 x 620 mm). Reliefs are put into a broad, powerful frame in the bottom of the strip is set in a lighter wood with text - the name of the scene. The Museum of Natural History in Czech Lipa missing III., V. and XIV. stop - just stop this was to Bezdězí found.

The current warden Jan Juřička found in 1983 after the woodblock prints have three empty frames, for safekeeping. This year, the 20th March at work before the start of the season, found one of lacked for woodcarvings, specifically depicting Asking Christ to the grave. Woodcarving is in very good condition. Currently working on it conservators will be inserted into one of the frames in deposit, but for its rarity and uniqueness will be a permanent part of the castle exposure, but will be shown to the public on special occasions. The first will be Saturday, August 9, 2014, when the castle administration is preparing a huge cultural event to mark the 750th anniversary of the signing of the founding charter of the castle by King Ottokar II.

The exact place of discovery Bezdězí warden says, "It was a huge coincidence that I noticed carvings, because it was the place where they normally do not go and I actually had no idea that there could be some historical subject. I do not want to reveal the exact place, I'm afraid that would not leave the tourists wanted a place to see and heed the safety measures also fear "other treasure hunters." It was in the castle, but instead remains familiar to me, Castle and selected employees Heritage. "

Castle Bezděz

Royal castle, founded in 1264 by the "king of iron and gold" Ottokar II., Is one of our most important Gothic buildings. In the Middle Ages Bezděz became famous as a prison penultimate Přemyslids Wenceslas II., During the Baroque period, when the castle served as a Benedictine monastery, was the target of a series of pious pilgrims, and finally in the 19th century abandoned Bezděz became an attraction for romantic souls, which included the famous Czech writer and poet Karel Hynek Macha. Today, visitors can tour the royal palace with a chapel and a number of Gothic architectural details Burgrave Palace and other parts of the castle. Accessible is also a large tower with a knight's hall on the top floor with a unique view over the surrounding area - from Bezdězí can be seen only near Macha lake or nearby Ještěd, but with good visibility and peaks of the Giant Mountains as a telescope, even the tower of St. Vitus.

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