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Test vanilla sugar: huge differences in the content of aromatic substances

Test vanilla sugar: huge differences in the content of aromatic substances Consumer magazine dTest had to test vanilla and vanilla sugar, to determine what are the quality of the content of aromatics. A third of the tested products was so scant amount of vanilla or its substitutes, that in fact it was just a lot of overpriced sugar.

dTest sent to the laboratory 13 products sold in Czech shops, three of which are labeled vanilla sugar and vanilla marked ten. "We found that not only saves manufacturers the right vanilla, but its often cheaper substitutes. Vanilla and vanilla sugar while not exactly cheap. Equivalent kilogram, will pay for most of them hundreds of crowns, "says Daniel Pavlis, editorial director dtest.

Vanilla sugar must contain flavoring vanillin from vanilla right. State standards require that the fetus was true vanilla from 1.6 to 2.4% vanillin. If a product is labeled as vanilla, are there cheaper substitutes - or more flavoring vanillin ethyl vanillin. Nowhere, however, is not determined by what percentage of aromatics are vanilla and vanilla sugar and contain many manufacturers of sins.

Two of the three tested vanilla sugar on the label should indicate that they contain at least 1.5 percent bio bourbon vanilla. Vanillin in these two products should be thus with regard to that standard in the range of 0.24 to 0.36 milligram per gram of sugar. Laboratory but in both cases was registering an order of magnitude less. BIO in vanilla sugar from AMYLON was found only 0,037 mg vanillin in grams of sugar, the vanilla sugar TESCO Organic 0.044 mg / g Even less vanillin included Dr. Oetker Vanilla Sugar - a mere 0.003 milligrams per gram of vanillin sugar. "This is so negligible that it is essentially just a very expensive sugar. This product has been among the samples by far the most expensive per kilogram us came to 812 CZK. Recall that ordinary sugar can normally buy for the price of 22 CZK per kilogram, "says Daniel Pavlis.

If vanilinových dTest sugars found out what flavors were used and in what quantities. Laboratory revealed in the tested products to a hundred-fold difference in the content of artificial flavoring, vanillin and ethyl vanillin ie. Most vanillin, and 3.788 mg / g, was branded sugar Castello (Lidl). "Three out of ten tested vanilinových sugars contained so little aromat that can be labeled rather overpriced sugar. In the case of vanilla sugar brand LN GROUP, the amount of controlled substances even moved below the quantitation sensitive laboratory instrument, "says Daniel Pavlis.

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