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Cirkopolis Fest starts Fet and Ma. Amazing acrobatics, physical theater and dance

The first festival of new circus Cirkopolis Fest starts on Sunday 6 April Palac Akropolis performance Cru French-Catalan pair Fet and Ma. In it cut physical theater, dance and breathtaking acrobatics - on a bare stage with no props, scenes or artificial effects.

The main attractions Cirkopolis Fest will also include the seventh and 8 April the French ensemble Subliminati Corporation, which combines the wildly beatbox, juggling, acrobatics and dance, and 14 and 15 April one of the most innovative contemporary Europe jugglers Alexis Rouvre performing unbelievable stunts with rope. Festival finishes 16th Apr. unique one-off performance Cirkopolis vol 2, which with several European performers and acrobats rehearse French director Florent Bergal.

Trying to be a week and performances will play only once. Program enriches the 10th April exceptionally Aero novocirkusový an evening with a presentation called CirkoAero Antiwords Spitfire Company, circus finger of Cirqueon, movie Roads by Federico Fellini and night novocirkusových trailers.

"We think that appeared right time to bring in a top European Prague files smaller and medium size. We want to show the diversity of the genre, his latest appearance and trends, "explains Petr festival dramaturgy new dives of the Akropolis, the festival together with the Centre for Contemporary Circus Cirqueon time." Prague will introduce viewers to projects in which the classical disciplines of new circus occur with elements contemporary dance, physical theater or the latest musical impulses, "says Sarka Maršíková of the Center for New Circus Cirqueon.

More information on performance:

"Only two bodies, a man and a woman, the journey into the heart of human beings ... the pair uses the circus as a way to share strong emotions, as you might circus featured Samuel Beckett," closer to the opening performance Cru French-Catalan pair Fet and has a dramaturg Petr rich. Both performers Marta Torrents and Pau Portabella met at the French school of circus arts Le Lido. On this show, he worked as director Blai Mateu Trias, artistic director of the ensemble Baro d 'Evel. Last Fet and has shone at the prestigious London Mime Festival London.

That can be very well beatbox, juggling, acrobatics and dance can 7th and 8 April Palac Akropolis French ensemble Subliminati Corporation in the performance # File_Tone. "Subliminati are exceptional in their conception of new circus, are provocative, they hold to the social and political issues, their physical skills are of the highest quality, but the viewer is primarily focused not on technology but on the story. Three years trying to get this group to the Czech Republic, I am convinced that the Czech viewer appreciate their works, "says Sarka Maršíková. Again, this is a graduate of the French school Le Lido, who has won the prestigious Jeunes Talent Cirque Europe.

10th April, the festival moves to the cinema Aero. From 18 to 24 hours, visitors will The evening called CirkoAero see performances from Antiwords Spitfire Company, circus finger Cirqueon, screenings road from Federico Fellini and night novocirkusových trailer. "Introducing Antiwords with Miřenka Chekhov and Teresa Havlickova is influenced by Vaclav Havel, especially his play Audience. But as she wrote critic Marie Reslová, it can be observed and the poetics of clowns from the work of Samuel Beckett. This theme connects nicely with the introduction of CRU from Fet and it has with the road Fellini, "adds Petr rich. The production received the Sukces summer Theatre News, Project of the Year award announced by the Next Wave Festival / Next Wave ...

What amazing things you can do with an ordinary rope and balls, shows 14th and 15 April Palac Akropolis one of the most innovative jugglers Alexis Rouvre contemporary Europe. "His solo performance called Cordes transports you to an absurd universe where nothing is impossible," attracts Sarka Maršíková. Alexis Rouvre deals juggling since the age of seven and studied professional circus school L'ESAC. While studies have also left the classic juggling techniques and began to devote handling ropes.

Festival closes on the 16th April again in Palac Akropolis tonight called Cirkopolis vol 2, which is the culmination of a week of testing acrobats, actors and performers from several European countries. Under the guidance of director Florent Bergal occurring during a single feature of the festival performances that viewers will see just at the end of the whole show. "Florent Bergal its distinctive approach affects the current development of new circus in Europe," says Sarka Maršíková.

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