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Beware of fraudulent company Endemos distribution

Consumer organizations dTest warns of fraudulent companies Endemos distribution. That in recent days sent letters to addressees says that she owes money. In addition, the court and threatened executions and encourages consumers to be immediately contacted the customer service line. It is, however, charged at 85 crowns per minute for calls.

These reminders ran out of people with no contract and had not entered it never common. Letters were sent mainly to older people. "Only during yesterday through VašeStíž we received nearly 100 complaints and the Hotline, we counted over three decades," said Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest.

The letter says that the addressee has failed to pay the amount owed ​​CZK 3,566 per client card and still active membership. It further stated Hotline +420 900 850 555, which can solve the situation. What is lacking is information that is a premium tariff line, called Toll, where the consumer pays CZK 85 per minute for calls. The entire letter is worded in such a way that the addressee has succumbed to the impression that the call on this line is the only way to deal with it - not in it payment or other necessary information. In addition, the company is threatening enforcement and execution proceedings.

Luke Green from dtest advises what to do if you received a similar reminder and with Endemos distribution've never had a contract not concluded: "In any case, do not call on the pay line. Do not pay the required amount and the registered letter urging the company to provide documents on which the payment request. We also recommend the company to file a complaint at the nearest police station or the Czech Republic Public Prosecutor. "

According to the Consumer Protection Act, if the seller uses to communicate with consumers customer service line, this line may be charged a higher rate. dTest already in this case the initiative to investigate the Czech Trade Inspection, as well as criminal charges for suspicion of committing the crime of fraud to the District Prosecutor's Office for the Prague 1
According to the Chamber of Bailiffs Czech Republic from October last year, the company faces Endemos distribution of six executions for debts of demonstration events.

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