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UAE cancels visas, Czechs save up to CZK 1,990

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced that from 22 March 2014 will be abolished visa requirements holders of passports from 13 European countries, including the Czech Republic. This step will bring domestic tourists less expensive to acquire residence in the UAE and the opportunity immediately after purchase trip travel.

Prices visas to the UAE at Czech travel agencies ranged from 1,690 to CZK 1,990 CZK. This amount will save the new Czech tourists. In addition, end up waiting for visa processing. Because of the need to settle a visa, it was possible to order a tour at least 3 working days before departure. However, in the United Arab Emirates weekend falls on Thursday and Friday, a visa for European tourists complicated.

With the abolition of visas and the United Arab Emirates will be among the popular Last Minute Deals tours with the possibility of immediate departure. It is an attractive exotic destination, where it is in relation to this step raises the demand for tickets and accommodation. For tourists there is a new option to fly to the United Arab Emirates to be a long weekend, regardless of the time of departure, and without annoying bureaucracy. Yet they were necessary for visa substantiate scan passports, photos and birth certificates of children. From 22 March will be to fly to SEA immediately after taking leave.

In 2013, the United Arab Emirates 18th The most popular destinations for travel agency clients Invia. Tourists holiday in the United Arab Emirates last year spent an average of 22 500 CZK per person.

Source: tz Invia

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