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Milk from Czech shops defended the reputation of healthy foods

Consumer magazine dTest them reviewed 28 milk purchased in Czech shops. None of the products tested, the laboratory has not detected the presence of heavy metals, pesticide residues or harmful bacteria. All milk was adequate in protein and calcium. The test also showed that these valuable nutrients milk has not lost after this attack.

dTest in the March issue focused on nutritionally valuable substances in fresh and durable semi-skimmed milk. All testing of milk to meet the requirements of the protein content of EU legislation. "Differences between the tested products were minimal. Consumers can simply choose whichever suits them, or by price, "summarizes the test results leading editors dtest Daniel Pavlis.

Laboratory simultaneously examined whether the milk does not contain hazardous materials previously used in agriculture, such as DDT and hexachlorobenzene, polychlorinated biphenyls or from previously banned paints silo chutes. It focused on the presence of heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium. "We were also looking dangerous bacteria, such as Listeria. We watched and mycotoxins that can go into the milk from the diet contested mold. The conclusions were all the same milk samples: no findings, "says Daniel Pavlis.

Fresh, therefore pasteurized skimmed milk with regard to the content of protein, calcium and vitamins did not differ significantly from those cakes, that is UHT treated. Liter of each of the test lotions also contained enough calcium to ensure that it will cover the recommended dose for one person in one day and a half.

dTest for comparison sent to the laboratory and two full fat milk, two and one-enriched defatted milk labeled "for kids". Analysis showed that the removal does not affect the fat content of protein and calcium in the milk remains at the original level. Skimmed milk was, however, lower levels of fat-soluble vitamins - as well as the removal of fat lost nine-tenths of vitamins A and E. Fat is a flavor carrier, which was also reflected in the sensory evaluation, where skim milk showed a less pronounced flavor. Whole milk evaluated by a commission as sweeter and softer. Enriched product, milk for children Tatra KRAVIK with added calcium, protein and vitamins, tests, however. What do protein content was no richer than unfortified milk.

"Test winner among durable goods became semi-durable Milk brand Madeta. In the category of best fresh milk product passed K-Classic semi-skimmed milk, "said
chief editor dtest Daniel Pavlis.

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