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New luxury music club in Brno: Sono Center

Brno soon suffer a new music club, which becomes the latest club space in the country. The new building provides a fresh and modern design, inside extra extra comfort and amenities. Sound club that will bet on interesting multi-genre programming, ensures studio Sono, one of the best recording studios in the country. The whole complex complements the modern hotel and excellent restaurant. Sono Center will welcome its first visitors 25 April 2014.

The company Sono Records has decided to open a club in Brno multifunctional space with an adjoining restaurant and hotel. From the first moment bet on quality and originality. The entire complex on the street, Brno Veveří will be called Sono Center and is a unique building of its kind in the country that is dedicated to the widest possible cultural and social recovery. Experience from the operation of a leading recording studio Sono is reflected in the premium level of technical equipment of the club and excellent acoustics of the hall. Sono Center, thanks to the excellent local cuisine restaurants and unique hotel operations, complemented by a wide range of services and aims to become a major point of cultural activities in Brno.

The official opening date is 2/5/2014 Sono Center, which is going great opening party.

First a warm-up concert will be held on 25th Fourth, to listen to you on this day the South African duo Goldfish. In May, a summer club offers a wide dramaturgy, where the club wants to present to the widest possible audience and to prepare for the autumn storm events and concerts. Preliminary weeks the club will examine for example the performance by NOHA (Germany), Manfred Mann's Earth Band (GB), Peter Lipa Band (SK), Duke Ellington Orchestra (USA), The Three Sisters, Ewa Farna, Eben Brothers and many others.


Building design by architect Francis Šmédka respects the requirement of maximum quality musical experience and interweaves all three parts of the city (concert hall / club, restaurant and hotel). Special emphasis is placed on comfort for both listeners and guests and also for the performers. In addition to musical performances of all genres here is calculated with theater and film performances, dance party, congresses, festivals and other cultural and social events, for which it is always possible to adjust the space is adequate.


Hall with the unique live recording has three floors with two large balconies, four bars, a generous platform for even the largest bands and orchestras, dance floor, air-functional and more than spacious enough and properly equipped facilities for performers. In all this, however, retains the size of the club so exclusive proximity of performers is guaranteed. An important part of the technical equipment, a PA system by L-Acoustics, sound mixing NEVE, or a Steinway piano.
Capacity is 700 seats per session or 1,200 standing places (ground floor and two levels of balconies)


He reigns her chef Milan Machacek, will be aimed Czech and world cuisine and seasonal definitely will not just be "part of the" club. With high quality and modern cuisine It is a separate space that will offer quality dining experience for visitors daily.
Capacity: up to 200 seats


Hotel provides modern facilities and high quality accommodation. Guests and Performers Club is a comfortable option of accommodation in thirty-nine rooms. Just as restaurant, hotel will function independently of the operating team.

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