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The greatest traveler feast in Prague again

The greatest traveler feast in Prague again Countries on all continents, fifty commented projections, photographs from inaccessible places, traveler's meeting. All this and much more to bring traveler's largest holiday in the Czech Republic - festival around the world.

The weekend 15th - 16, March welcomes KD Ládví and cinema Ládví again thousands of visitors, which in addition to lectures festival will also offer exotic food, unique performances by foreign artists, inviting them to meetings with interesting people, to interactive workshops of traditional crafts SE Asia or Africa and will offer the opportunity to purchase traditional products from Mexico , Peru, Indonesia and Nepal.

It may take a Trabant across continents? As the traces in Ecuador? Where people live mysterious Kwai? Why do chichi (fermented corn drink) give the ants? What you can buy on the largest marketplace of counterfeit goods in the world? It is possible to swim the piranhas? How does a bird's eye view of the Great Barrier Reef? Why barmaid at the faces painted white circles? How do they taste "green pancakes" Dadar vegetable samosa pastry or roasted Congo grubs? The most famous travelers, photographers, writers and all who are close to the travel of all kinds, will share their experiences, knowledge and passions third weekend in March at the Festival Around the World in Prague.

If you are not from Prague, you can visit the regional festivals around the world in Olomouc (28 to 29.3) and Pilsen (11 to 12 April 2014).

"When I founded the festival, I never expected to be so successful and important people. Today, after 10 years of its existence, it is one of the biggest events of the year of travel, the people who come from all over the country. I hope this will inspire you to travel while bringing awareness of other cultures and often endangered natural treasures, "said Charles Wolf, founder of the festival.

Program of lectures will be rich. They will not miss the beauty of the Himalayas, inaccessible places in Burma, South America, or neglected Zimbabwe. The festival also will screen the latest film Dana PŘIBÁŇ "Trabant to the end of the world."

Among the projections will dancers and musicians from Asia, India and the Orient - Introduces the example of Congo drummers, dancers from Indonesia, Vietnam, a dancer from the Cape Verde Islands and many others.
"Traditional crafts such as Indonesian batik production or African jewelry you can try Visitors on site. Caps of alpaca, Peruvian earrings from Swaziland stones or decorative candles then you can also buy directly at the stands, "said Charles Wolf.
All visitors to the festival can also participate in polls draw of prizes.

VIDEO montage from the last festival here .

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