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Do you feel the drug independent? Maybe you are wrong!

Addict to represent as many skinny "wreck" in which drug use is immediately obvious. In fact, these people can be inconspicuous and seemingly unproblematic. Often, not even they themselves do not allow your problem. What brings drug use and which features are typical for addiction?

Life in the thrall of opiates

Addiction itself is not determined by the quantity and frequency of substance use, but first of all the consequences that come with taking drugs. The very nature is a drug (and do not go directly on heroin or methamphetamine, but as "only" about alcohol or tobacco) a real problem when any adverse way affect our lives. It may complicate especially in the area:
family, friendship and partnership,

Signs of addiction

Although using different drugs accompanied by other states, the circumstances surrounding addiction as such is always the same. It ranks among them:
A strong desire for the drug, called cravings.
The development of tolerance. This occurs after a period of use of drugs and causes them to substance originally used in such an amount does not effect as from the beginning. This leads to increasing doses to achieve the same libých feelings.
Withdrawal symptoms. Unpleasant condition occurring after a substance is eliminated from the body. Forcing dependent to procure another drug.
Loss of control over use. This meant non-compliance own plans relating to drug use (eg, "Today I'll really only one beer").
Lack of interest in the area. Loss of other interests unrelated to the drug, is a common phenomenon. Leisure is subject only to the use of addictive substances other activities no time.
Continuing to use, even though you know that you demonstrably harmful drug.

If you are in themselves or their loved ones discovered signs of addiction, do not hesitate to contact the experts. The struggle with drug addiction, it is difficult and using only its own forces often futile, and in some cases even dangerous.

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