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Prague Zoo rejoices leopard triplets

After thirteen years, succeeded in Prague zoo to breed Amur leopard kittens. Triplets this critically endangered beasts born here for the first time!

Two males and one female leopard are descendants of three-and four-year Khanka Kirina. Their breeding was successful in thirteen years and was without problems. Given the rarity of the increase was female with their cubs housed in the breeding background exposure.

"Not only here, but also in the surrounding area there was a specific measure. Three young Amur leopards, we had our zoo bred for the first time, "says Pavel Brandl, curator of mammals Zoo Praha." Khanka proved to be a caring mother of her kittens right from birth started very well care of. "

Leopard cubs were born at the end of November 2013. In January, began to leave the birthing box and now abruptly come out to your outdoor space.

"All the kittens are very curious. At least the first brave male with atypical black color, now is the shyer female, "says breeder Christine Bachůrková." From Khanka kittens still drink milk regularly now but i get meat, "he adds.

About a month kittens show visitors the leopard enclosure at the top of the zoo. You are now seeing their father, male Kirin, who is alternating with the last female Amur leopards Prague, Betynou.

Amur leopard is one of the most endangered big cats, IUCN estimates their number in the wild around the 30th In the wild, the leopard subspecies found only on the border between Russia, China and North Korea. Breeding in zoos is therefore extremely important.

Source: tz Zoo Praha, Jana Jirátová
Photo: Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha

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