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Assisted reproduction with God's blessing

Methods of assisted reproduction are often discussed ethical issue. Although the ethics of in vitro fertilization has been dealt, there are still sub-questions that have no clear answers. Infertility treatment is also controversial religious issues.


Attitude of Christians towards assisted reproduction methods vary across individual churches.

The Catholic Church is an example of where religion of any of these techniques absolutely refuses. Department of procreation and sexual activity is intervention in life that are deemed immoral. Vatican recognizes as a human being is just zygote or fertilized egg, and therefore absolutely rejects the involvement of these cells in research.

The Eastern Orthodox Church is not in this direction as stringent as Catholic as it allows pharmacological or surgical treatment of the causes of infertility. However, this community is opposed to IVF and other assisted reproduction techniques, as well as disagreement with the donation of sperm or embryos.

Reformed Protestant Church
is already on methods of assisted reproduction very benevolent, so long as it is the use of gametes of a married couple. Any form of giving is here but unthinkable. A similar perspective is also the Anglican Church.


The Muslim community after the first successful IVF attempt had extensive discussions on similar methods, and in 1980 issued a fatwa, or religious-legal statement, which influences the attitude of Muslims to assisted reproduction today. Islam permits substantially all of the IVF technique, but there must be a couple a donation, there is also prohibited.

This, however, in 1999 its Shia Fatwa altered, since it permits the donation of gametes - but this child is then considered adopted. The problem arises with the formality, such as the name thus born child.

This religion authorizes selective termination of pregnancy if the mother's health is at risk.


The Jewish attitude toward procreation is based on God's first commandment to Adam: "Be fruitful and multiply." Judaism because it permits all techniques of assisted reproduction, if it is the sperm and the egg of a married couple.

This religion even a partial surrogate mother, the father's sperm are injected into a strange woman. It then becomes pregnant and the baby after birth surrenders. Then it is logical that the child shall be given to the owner of sperm.

With full surrogate mother is more complicated because it is very difficult to then answer the question who is the mother. From a religious point of view, it is the woman who gives birth to a child.

Judaism also authorizes the freezing of embryos, if the goal of their subsequent use of the same pair in another attempt to get pregnant.


Hindus accepted methods of assisted reproduction under the same conditions as other religions, which means that in the case of a married couple and IVF is possible. Moreover, it is also possible sperm donors if the donor is a close relative of the husband. In practice, however, also used artificial insemination from an anonymous donor or an anonymous donation of eggs or embryos.

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