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7 non-traditional Valentine-themed tours: whale watching or a return to the Middle Ages

The Fourteenth of February. For some people, a day like any other, other favorite holiday of love, which calls for a celebration. On St. Valentine's Day, people traditionally send gifts, flowers or candies in the shape of a heart. The number of those who spend Valentine's Day on the road and visit romantic places around the world. Not only for those who want to enjoy this holiday unconventionally, we bring you 7 tips to original valentine trips, which will please yourself and your partner.

Thousands of Czech couples in love annually spends St. Patrick's Day. Valentine's Day romance in some European capitals and the number of people continues to rise. Among the most popular locations include France, Italy or Spain. "Although every year the most visited cities such as Paris, Venice or Rome, young people are not afraid to experiment and are finding unusual places. The young generation is characterized by creativity and courage, moreover, is well equipped with language skills. When choosing a Valentine stays therefore does not limit, "said Michal Tuma, director of marketing Invia, a leader of the Czech market for the sale of tours over the internet." In addition, this year the 14th February falls on a Friday. This course encourages to go at least for a romantic weekend, "said Tuma.

Tip 1: Take a trip to Vienna Opera
If you are a cultural enthusiast, take your loved one to a nearby Vienna, which offers a wealth of cultural experiences. One of them may be a visit to the Vienna State Opera, which is one of the leading opera houses in the world. Although that you can enjoy a truly diverse range of opera and ballet performances, the interesting thing is that the program renowned scene is changing every day. If you prefer ballet, then visit the Vienna State Opera in St. Patrick's Day. Valentine's Day. A day later, you can view the opera Manon and the third Sunday in February, opened opera Adriana Lecouvreur. State Opera also think of young couples and gives them a special offer. Unsold tickets can be bought at a bargain price shortly before the start of the show, as well as access to space to space. Ticket price is very diverse, ranging from 8 to 250 euros.

Tip 2: Do not miss whale watching in Samana
If you want to associate with Valentine's Day romantic holiday and are willing to at least twelve years, then definitely visit the Dominican Republic. Samaná Peninsula, located on the northwest coast, was until recently due to the lack of infrastructure hardly available. Renowned unspoiled nature, peaceful pristine beaches and the ocean, which boasts a beautiful turquoise color. It was in February this peninsula offers tourists an unforgettable experience and a unique spectacle. Flocks of humpback whales, known as humpback or fin Long-, namely in winter arrive from Greenland of three to five thousand units. These mammals annually undergo a long and difficult journey to the Dominican warm waters to mate and bring their young into the world. Season observation begins in mid-January and lasts until the end of March. Although spending on this show are around $ 300, the experience is worth it.

Tip 3: Take a betrothal to Denmark
Valentine's Day is often associated with many gifts such as flowers or chocolate. Perhaps the greatest gift that you can devote partner, the engagement ring. If you want your engagement accommodate very unusual, then definitely go to Denmark. In this country, the king is common for women in the world. Valentine asking your beloved man to marry. And know that for anyone that is not uncommon. Quite the contrary. This custom dates back to the 13th century, when Scottish Queen Margareta his decree allowed the women to remove their men on leap year to propose. If a man woman refused, she had to buy twelve pairs of silk stockings or gloves. Not only because of betrothal and annually take to the Danish capital's crowds. Copenhagen may very well know tourist card through Copenhagen Card, which includes, for example, admission to sixty museums, free shuttle trains, buses and metro and many other discounts. This card is valid for at least twenty-four hours costs 29 euros.

Tip 4: Relax in Hungary's thermal spa. I swimwear
For lovers of hot baths and bubbles Budapest is the perfect place to spend romantic moments. Since the Budapest located on the geological fault, there arises a hundred strands. This metropolis is therefore rightly called the spa town. A very spa should not be missed on the list of places visited every tourist. For those who swimsuit left at home, or the Royal Baths Király perfect choice. Do them is allowed to enter without a bathing suit. For ladies spa made available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For men again on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Visitors can choose from a total of five pools whose temperature ranges between 27-38 degrees Celsius. Since 1938 this spa supplies the spring number 2, which is called the source of St. Stephen. Relax in the Royal Spa you can indulge in less than 240 CZK.

Tip 5: Know romantic face Russia on the water
Although it may seem that Russia Travel forgotten country, still there are a number of adventurers who prefer unconventional romance over traditional air tours. If you want to experience something unique, take a boat ride on the Russian countryside. During the twelve-day cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg feel a touch of history, you will see the jewels of Russian architecture, the beauty of the surrounding towns, but also the harsh nature. For those who want to know the Russian city of tradition, on this voyage to the right. During her know the true face of the city Ugliče, Yaroslavl and Gorica. You will get acquainted with the beauties of the island of Kizhi or Mandrogy village on the shores of Lake Onega. Price romantic cruise is around 50 000 CZK per person. "If someone does not attract cruise, a similar route can complete in less time and train. Travelers should keep in mind that for every trip to Russia currently require a visa, which can apply to the Russian embassy in Prague, the Consulate General in Karlovy Vary and Brno, "said Michal Tuma Invia a travel agency that offers a wide selection stays on Valentine's weekend.

Tip 6: Enjoy Valentine's skiing in Austria
For winter sports enthusiasts may be Valentine's Day the perfect opportunity for a trip to the mountains. Passionate skiers that Czech mountains already tired of them, they can go travel the famous Austrian ski slopes. One of the most popular winter resorts as the region Zell am See - Kaprun. The wide availability of people can distance five hundred kilometers from Brno to climb in less than six hours by car. This ski area has about 138 km of pistes of all difficulty levels and over fifty modern lifts. Region Zell am See - Kaprun is guaranteed thanks to its altitude still excellent snow conditions. The Kitzsteinhorn glacier it is possible to ski all year round. Skiers will also appreciate the fact that all areas in the region are connected by a system of ski, which can be freely used in the context ski pass purchased. The three-day ski pass in Zell am See - Kaprun comes adult in high season to 130 euros.

Tip 7: Go back to the Middle Ages for the weekend

Castles interwoven with legends and myths inspire awe and attract romantics. If you want to donate partner really unusual valentines experience, visit the Italian castle of Ripa d'Orcia, which is located in the valley of the Orcia near Tuscany. This castle was built in the early Middle Ages and served as a strategic military location. At present, it is an absolute rarity among castles, it offers overnight stays in traditional medieval rooms. With its love so you can spend a romantic night in a room where hundreds of years ago he lay down real kings. One night in a historic double room with breakfast can be enjoyed for 150 euros. Also worth a visit Florence, which is the capital of Tuscany, while its historical gem. Located in it is up to a third of all cultural treasures throughout Italy. In addition, this region is famous for producing dark red Chianti wine tasting which should not be missed, not only on Valentine's Day.

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