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The heart of winter threaten not only the holidays

Christmas and post-Christmas days are not only connected with calm and friendly smile. Shopping in a crowded supermarket, looking for gifts at the last minute - nothing too bad for our heart. Besides these stressful situations threatening heart and other factors. And some of it is directly related to the winter months.

For the occurrence of heart problems may happen to the following factors:
Recess and physical exertion in cold weather, such as shoveling snow from the sidewalk.
The above mentioned stress situations that are so common during this period.
Little movement in the winter months.
Infectious diseases, especially the flu .
Overeating along with high consumption of alcohol and tobacco .
Breathing cigarette smoke or smoke from a fireplace in the room.

Risk of heart attack and heart failure

In particular, cardiac patients at risk of heart attack, heart failure or sudden cardiac death, but that does not mean it can not also affect people in that time without any symptoms! You may ask why these diseases are serious in these days. The reason probably stems from human nature itself, just on holidays because we finally have time to his family, with whom we spend relaxing moments at all costs. When he's not hurt at heart, or become more zadýchávat, I do not pay much attention from fear to disturb the family well-being. Only when the pain
become intolerable, it is usually too late.

His heart is best served by not let anything and anyone unsettle suitably own blend of physical exertion and rest, prevent overeating and alcohol can indulge just a really good drinker. And if you still at heart hurts, you should contact your doctor whether you and your family celebrate many other festive days.


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