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Exhibition of National Geographic 'Ocean Soul - Ocean Soul' in Harp Gallery

Exhibition of National Geographic 'Ocean Soul - Ocean Soul' in Harp Gallery The Harp Gallery is still in the 9th February 2014 can be transferred to the beauty of the marine world and thanks to an exhibition of 50 large-format photographs by photographer Brian Skerryho created by the renowned travel magazine National Geographic.

Sharks, seals, crabs, crocodiles, corals - this is just a small list of the main actors of photographs taken in the depths of the oceans on several continents. Photos, of course, dominated by the blue color of the ocean with a hint of turquoise. But the animals themselves living in places where most of us only look through pictures or television documentaries, surprising a wide range of colors from yellow to purple to green.

Photographer and journalist Brian Skerry is working with National Geographic since 1998, and through his articles and photographs focusing primarily on the marine world. Underwater spent the last 30 years, more than 10,000 hours.

Brian Skerry is the recipient of many awards and often shares his knowledge and his enthusiasm photographic craft to students at prestigious universities. He is a regular guest of television programs and the author of five books. The last one, with the same name as the exhibition at Galerie Harp, Ocean Soul, was released in late 2011 and garnered worldwide acclaim.

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