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Hemophilia can be hidden for a long time

Although many associate with hemophilia often recurrent severe bleeding, in fact it may not be. Symptoms of the disease which affects the amount of clotting factor that is diseased. If his work is affected only by a few, the disease may remain secret for long.

When investigating the

Hemophiliacs about their disease usually first learn on the basis of:
genetic testing for the presence of the disease in the family,
abnormalities in blood coagulation testing,
symptoms of the disease.

The Hidden Dangers

The diagnosis of this disease is now possible to confirm very soon, even unborn babies. On the other hand, the disease may not be detected during the entire life of the patient in terms of "only" a mild form. This is often apparent only after severe trauma or during surgery, which of course could mean a very unpleasant complications. The severe form of the disease, however, their detection usually not long to wait. Bleeding manifestations is likely to occur within the first year of the child.

Parents attentive!

Moderate hemophilia is often in young boys detection based on longer bleeding after circumcision. For us, however, the implementation of circumcision rare and parents should rather pay attention, if they appear at their son:
easy bruising, when the child starts to move more,
significant bleeding at the injection site after vaccination or after blood collection,
noticeable bleeding during teething.

Speeches can be different

Other symptoms of hemophilia, which can draw attention to the disease in their lifetime, including: frequent nosebleeds, blood in the stool or urine, pain and swelling, spontaneous bleeding without cause increased bleeding after dental procedures, injections or other small performances.


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