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Brontosaurus is looking for volunteers to Little Tibet

Brontosaurus is looking for volunteers who would like to help go to school in Little Tibet. Volunteers can teach children or to assist in the construction during the summer holidays, teaching at the school for several months or professionally assist in the development of the school to be as a designer of new school buildings.

Now you can support the school and completing a benevolent course of Buddhism within the village Mulbekh. During voluntary action will officially open the new building boarding school and classes that will introduce the 14th Dalai Lama.

Journey to the Himalayas is a wonderful experience for the volunteers at which they can recognize from near Little Tibet culture and at the same time do something good. During their stay, volunteers live in families of children out of school, children can go to school picnic or take part in various celebrations, which take place in the village. Contact people from different cultures leads to the creation of more realistic view of life on the other side of the planet and lessons learned on both sides. Most people interested in volunteering must sign in mid-January.

Completely new school in a small can of Tibet also support a charity by completing courses in Buddhism. Within twelve-day trip in mid-summer to learn meditation techniques and understand the importance of Buddhist philosophy and its symbolism. Because wages benevolent course will support the local school, being taught Buddhism exceptionally picturesque monastery in the village Mulbekh teacher with international experience, which commercial courses normally does.

During the years 2014 Brontosauři officially opened the new building of the boarding school and building new classrooms. Building the boarding school will provide accommodation for 30 students from around the village Mulbekh. The building of new classes can teach 150 children in six new classrooms. At the opening ceremony, we invited the 14th Dalai Lama, who will be the time to stay in the capital of Ladakh, Leh and which provided for the construction of classrooms own funds.

Brontosauři help the villagers Mulbekh in the development of their school. Provide financial donations, professionally assist in its development and providing assistance from Czech volunteers. Brontosauři sent to the village Mulbekh over the last 5 years, over a hundred volunteers, among them the Czech personalities such as Svetlana Nálepková, David Kraus, Martin Bursik, Kateřina Jacques.

Brontosaurus is the only Czech organization whose development project funded by the 14th The Dalai Lama and his decision gave him a thank Václav Havel. Brokered In summer 2012, Brontosauři volunteers meeting with the 14th Dalai Lama, which became part of the movie about volunteering Shot on location Brontosaurus.

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Tz Author: Jiří Sázel

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