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Beware of harmful fats in the wafers and Hořice tubes

Consumer magazine dTest found it filled wafers and the wafers from the Czech shops contain fats with adverse effects on human health. More than a third of the products tested had a fat content with such a high content of trans fatty acids that in five European countries were not allowed to sell.

Filled wafers and the wafers are popular treats children and not reject them or adults. However, it is good to know that a third of the weight of the food consists of fat. In the current test, the consumer magazine dTest focused on the quality of the fat content of these products. Laboratory analysis showed that ten out of the 27 tested wafers and tubes contain fat, which is the high proportion of harmful trans-fatty acids not in countries with stricter legislation in food production use. In addition, most products of fat also prevalent health problem saturated fatty acids.

Physicians ago transmastnými fats in food warning due to adverse effects on health. These include in particular atherosclerosis, growth of LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and the risk of diabetes second stage. The European Union Czech or content of trans fatty acids in fats regulate, but European states with stricter laws for them already set limits. Prohibition of the sale of food containing fat with more than two percent trans fatty acids in Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and Iceland.
"This would limit foreign adversely affected by five of the ten products tested, indicating the wafers because they are fat from three to nearly ten percent trans fatty acids. The highest proportion of trans fatty acids in used oil, and 9.9 percent, had the wafers cream manufacturer STRIX Hoøice sro, "said editor in chief dtest Daniel Pavlis.

Trasmastné acid in an amount exceeding two percent of the fat was used in five of the 17 tested filled wafers infused peripherally. In this regard, the lowest rated test wafers with hazelnut filling Katy in the dark glaze made for Kaufland Praha Czech Republic, in which the fat had almost 5.8 percent trans fatty acids.

Not very encouraging results of the analysis of fats to saturated fatty acids, which also harms blood vessels. The content of saturated fatty acids in the fat test of rolled wafers ranged from 46 to 54 percent, wafers filled their representation ranged from 41 to 64 percent. The World Health Organization encourages the intake of saturated fatty acids per day does not exceed 20 grams. This amount, however, we crossed the consumption of one hundred grams of most of the tested products.

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