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Success! Scientists have been able to block tumor growth

Experts from the University of Texas recently patented drug, which in the future could significantly improve the treatment of certain cancers - such as prostate and lung. Newly discovered product is targeted to a molecule that promotes tumor growth.

What feeds malignant cells

The molecule that allows tumor cells to rapidly proliferate and grow, the designation Skp2. While in normal cells the molecule is "off" anti-tumor defense mechanisms, on the contrary, i can "turn on" metabolic pathways that help feed the cancer cells. The work of scientists who have discovered a potential new drug, consisted of two steps:
First he had to find out what mechanism Skp2 promotes the growth of cancer cells.
Then they managed to find a substance that this function can specifically block.

Cure for peace

Before you can start using your newly discovered substance tested in clinical trials, it is necessary to learn as much about its possible side effects. The results so far seem optimistic. It is apparent that the substance acts preferentially in rapidly proliferating tumor cells and normal healthy cells almost unresponsive. Experiments have been conducted on mice with artificially induced lung cancer and prostate cancer.

Promising tests

The laboratory mice was tested and efficiency of the new substance in conjunction with other anticancer treatments. It turned out that potential new formulation enhances the effectiveness of traditional medicines two to three times, which greatly increases the success of the whole therapy. In mice treated with new potential drug, the size of lung cancer or prostate approximately one quarter compared to rodents that were used as a control sample.

The newly discovered substance must still undergo detailed testing for possible side effects. In the event that one succeeds, it will be possible in the first phase of clinical trials to test in humans.


Targeted biological treatment works precisely and only at the place where it is needed. Therefore, a minimum of side effects.
Ask your doctor about the possibility of targeted treatment of cancer!

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