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Discounts? Be careful!

While we trades involving discounts before Christmas, many of us look forward to the traditional New Year sales, where we can spend the money for Christmas. Not all purchases are but so beneficial as it first may seem.

First deceit is the difference between the price before and after discount.

"It happens that traders indicate an incorrect price for the product before the cheapening. Thanks to this, the product looks like it was discounted by more percent (money) than is the reality. The crossed-out price must be valid before the last cheapening. Unfortunately sometimes indicate a price that is recommended by the manufacturer, but never for her did not sell because it pushed the market from the beginning below. Another trader for a change give some historical value, such as in the summer, but you iz autumn, while the product was cheaper but before Christmas. Or is it really discounted product, but only because it vendors sell before price went up, "says Jana Choroušová example of Datart, consumer electronics retailer." In electronics, where prices change every day and in the course of falling, it is the large fraud on the customer and sales are really only optical. "

Another trick of the trade is confusing labeling of products with the word "discount" - if you look at the price tag more closely, you find that slashed the price is actually the same as the new one, or even the original amount is not listed at all.

If all of the above in order, we are still confident advantageous purchase. Shop us is the lure of discounts such as 80%, which is at first sight very tempting.
At second glance but find that the range of discounted so nice percentage is very narrow. For example, on a rack of clothes is a big sign "Reduced by 80%," but few people will notice the word "up". Therefore followed by great disappointment, often at the checkout when the saleswoman us wants to pay more than we expected. And not just because of the fact that we have been fooled. It is good to explore all the signs carefully. If you are unsure, you better ask the actual price vendors.

This is but do not distract from the sales and make yourself happy, you deserve it. "Just be careful and keep in mind that even on sale items still valid warranty period. This does not apply only to products that have some defect with which you are familiar, of course, as a buyer, "says Jana Choroušová.

Author: Sarka Pelcová

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