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Recycled paper nature lavishes, says expert

More and more companies are presenting the fact that promotes conservation by using recycled paper. In reality, however, is proclaimed ecological re-processed paper a chimera. Not only does the recycling process is environmentally friendly. The environment is even highly inconsiderate.

Paper recycling environmentally harmful

Companies and individuals should use common sense and not to paint the world green just by virtue fashionable. Conversely. They should realize that the production xerographic paper from waste has never been environmentally friendly. Deinking technology is extremely energy-intensive, and the resulting waste is then burned dearly as very dangerous. Another risk of the recycling process is the high dust levels. Cellulose fibers are in fact repeated grinding for papermaking impaired. Because cellulosic dust quickly clogged, reduces also the mechanical parts for printers and copiers.

Recycled paper is to a certain extent in order to conserve natural resources, but this aspect is at least debatable. Never before in Europe is not so much forest area as at present. A number of mills has Moreover, in recent years a binding obligation - has planted more new trees than mined for the manufacture of paper.

Recycled paper is more expensive than primary production, moreover, it can not archive

A large proportion of firms choosing recycled papers because they have the impression that it saves costs. But the opposite is true. The recycling process is so energy intensive that it is a result of primary cheaper paper. Leaving aside the aesthetic aspect of whiteness, which xerografickému paper is missing, there are a number of other disadvantages.

Papers of primary production are based on the quality of their processing provided by various pictograms and ISO brands such as TCF and ECF. These indicate that it is not taken in their manufacture chlorine, or used in minimal quantities. This mark or character with recycled paper unfortunately find it. In addition, the white paper on primary production usually bears the ColorLok, which ensures fast drying color printing, the sharpness and saturation. Unlike recycled paper can be implemented such as fast duplex printing. Then it is also appropriate to note that recycled paper and the information contained therein is not in accordance with ISO 9706 not archived. Because it does not meet the required technical conditions for long-term storage.

Certainly, it is necessary to promote the use of recycled paper, where it really makes sense. These include the production of cardboard. You can also talk about the archival paper processing and packaging needs or hygiene. Here it is especially toilet paper and disposable towels.

For companies it is recycled paper indulgences for their business

Recycled paper require a purchase generally two categories of customers. First of all, they are people who believe that they are doing something for the environment. In the second, the company has a bad conscience, that in their materials need to include a significant statement about its social responsibility. Using recycled xerographic paper is as essentially a form of indulgence for their business.

Overall, however recently a number of companies which require the purchase of recycled paper reduces. You may already recognize its technical drawbacks. Or is ultimately deter current price, which is already burdened with a lower rate of VAT. Anyway, in my opinion it's just as well.

Comment: Martin Holoubek, Deputy Sales Director at Activa
Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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