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As with piles of post-Christmas waste?

Christmas and New Year celebrations are mainly a symbol of comfort, entertainment and food. Few, however, realize that during the holidays we produce many more tons of waste. Most waste companies in this period fortunately ensures their premium collection. Keeping the area clean containers and avoid wasting valuable raw materials may also help people.

"O Christmas just throw away the wrapping paper. There is growing as plastics and most biowaste. People want to indulge and buy more food than they can consume in the end, "says Petr Havelka of the Czech Waste Management Association.

The proportion of sorted waste, mostly paper, plastic and glass, is increasing every year. During Christmas is so much more than ever the need to ensure a thorough worn paper and plastics. The reason is that the containers for paper and plastic waste and overflow of them falls out.

"During Christmas, most households also rotates appliances and small electronics, mostly TV, monitors, mobile phones and electronic toys. Discarded electronics are a major source of precious metals and should be delivered to the collection point or in special containers that can be recycled with waste companies and safely used, "says Havelka.

Annual problem is also blown fat, leftover Christmas dinner almost every household. In any case, do not fall within the spout . After frying it is recommended to pour into an empty container and transported to the collection point. "That the pouring grease into the sewer system is a really big problem, recently persuaded colleagues in the UK. Sanitation in the London Borough of Kingston is clogged giant fatty deposits , the liquidation of which lasted longer than a month, "warns Havelka.

Old Christmas trees do not turn into containers for mixed waste. Dropping either the municipalities designated place, or you can leave them in containers, where it will normally be 28 Feb. transport the garbage trucks. From the trees but must remove all hooks, ornaments and chocolates to be crushed to chips and composted or energy recovery.


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