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Whip the bastards - new Civil Code

The new Civil Code to better protect consumers when buying off-premises, namely at the doorstep and the infamous demonstrations.

Scammers, for already known as the "scum" come after the new year at one of the ways that now used to withdraw prevented customers from onerous contracts. Lure is a demonstration event in their operations, and contracts are concluded not be terminated within 14 days as in cases where the sale took place outside the sales area. The new Civil Code, however, these situations expressly covered by the same rules as the door to door sales or sales event, a withdrawal is therefore now possible.

"Peddler and scum on demonstrations are successful in convincing because the consumer is not on the menu and coercion prepared in advance. Then succumb easily, no matter whether it is at home, in a restaurant or a trip to the store. Bastards are masters in the use of coercive methods and can be manipulated to guard the customer deciding what would otherwise never do, "warns Miloš gin, legal adviser dtest." New Civil Code therefore strengthen consumer protection in these situations. "

The new Civil Code also brings other changes that will strengthen the position of consumers when buying off-premises. "It is noteworthy innovation that makes life easier especially napáleným seniors. They often return from leave discouraged by that useless pile of them brought retailer, is too bulky and not easily return must be post, "says Miloš gin and states:" Newly because in this case the consumer does not withdraw from the contract, the goods dearly send, the seller must take everything at their expense. "

Consumers will find a summary of significant changes in the new Civil Code on the website dtest / blades , where you can download a free brochure with important information.


- Purchases outside business premises under the new Civil Code
When buying from hawkers and vendors fuckers, man from consumers since the beginning of 2014, better protection. The new Civil Code in this context, the following changes:
Tours organized for the purpose of selling and advertising are explicitly considered for off-premises sales.

Increased protection also applies to cases where the dealer catches up with customers in public, to lure them into their operations (typically of winning the contest or survey).

Consumers must first get relevant information. If the trader promised something different then placed in the contract, apply what is better for the consumer. The information must be in writing.

Conditions for withdrawal are responsive to consumers. The main differences are the time limits and in the return of goods and money. Withdrawal in just 14 day period to send the current regulation was necessary to withdraw within 14 days served.

If the trader fails to inform the consumer of his right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen days, the withdrawal period is extended by one year and 14 days is expected eventually to the moment during the latter period, the trader additionally fulfill its obligation.

As regards goods which can not be returned by post it myself entrepreneur and shipped to the consumer, just withdraw and trader must do it at their own expense.

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