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People in Need in the Philippines restores schools and employs 650 people

People in Need in the Philippines restores schools and employs 650 people I more than a month after the typhoon hit Haiyan, the situation in the affected areas in the Philippines distressing. Four million people are still homeless and the vast majority of them survives among the debris of ruined houses 1.1 million. People need first of all materials and tools to repair the house and secure a long-term source of income.

Are also destroyed thousands of schools and hundreds of health centers. People in Need, therefore, at this moment began with makeshift repairs, cleaning out a zastřešováním seven buildings.

"People in public works cleaning out debris and repair the school toilets. Schools makeshift umbrella tarpaulins to be able to start training as soon as possible. After a few weeks of each school, back and starts asking durable roofing material, "explains
Marek Štys, which currently leads a team of Filipino People in Need." Simultaneously also discussed how to strengthen the construction of the roof and walls. Schools were designed to withstand wind strength of 250 kilometers per hour, but this limit Typhoon Haiyan and overcame many walls were demolished by the wind, "says Marek Štys.

Jobs for 650 people and renovation of schools

In the public works PIN also organizes cleaning roads and paths that lead to remote villages, where help is almost impossible to get. "Teams are available 10 chainsaws and laboriously cut through popadanými palm trees," says Marek Štys with the fact that along with Teams World Food Programme (WFP) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to examine helicopters, motorbikes and other foot cut off villages and islands, where so far received only minimal assistance.

Help is still possible to send to the account of SOS Philippines 37893789/0300 or via DMS DMS Philippines to number 87777.

People in Need offers through public works at removing debris petty wages representatives of 650 families in 17 districts of Guiuan, Mercedes and Giporlosu. "People in public works odklízejí debris from schools, public spaces or health centers and fifteen days of work get small wages that help them buy food or materials to repair homes. State of destination, the minimum daily wage is estimated at 130 crowns, "says Marek Štys.

People in Need while at a camp for homeless people in Guiuan and built 12 latrines in 20 districts of going to gradually repair of damaged public toilets. On the island of Bantayan distributed together with local NGO RAFI materials and tools to repair 1,100 homes. He would like to address and repair schools and restoring livelihoods. People in the villages were 80% dependent on collecting coconuts, and in some areas were destroyed up to 90%. New trees grow up and begin to spawn only 8 years old.

Contributed the most to help the Vodafone Foundation

All this would not be possible without the hundreds of donors who contributed to the account of SOS Philippines. The largest corporate donor to the Vodafone Foundation. In addition to the lump sum 500,000 crowns invitation sent half a million Vodafone customers who have sent DMS worth 700,000 crowns. Vodafone Foundation then doubled the amount for DMS.

"We've sent an SMS to Vodafone customers call to form DMS supported the Czech humanitarian aid in the Philippines and the response was fantastic. My to add half a million crowns, the money collected between Vodafone employees and also sent each DMS doubles, "said Ondřej Zapletal, Director of the Vodafone Foundation, which supported the same way humanitarian assistance after the summer floods in the Czech Republic.

Typhoon affected 14 million people

According to government authorities intervened Haiyan typhoon in the central part of the Philippines 14 million people. Over 94,000 people homeless is still in 385 evacuation centers, the others coming back and trying, with the help of non-governmental organizations to correct their living or surviving relatives near his home. In the affected areas to improve the supply of basic foodstuffs.

Requirements according to UN vary by location. While around Ormoc already in the works to rebuild in Tacloban and Guiuan is still mainly distributes basic humanitarian assistance. In damaged areas is a major concern access to drinking water and increasingly appear diarrheal diseases. People also suffer from psychosocial problems. Children can not return to damaged schools, older people lack adequate health care. People do not have enough clothes and in most cases when a typhoon came on phones or radios, and so the information they receive is difficult.

Current account balance SOS Philippines

On account of SOS Philippines was attended by over 15.1 million crowns (10th 12th). Another 2.2 million will arrive at the SOS account in the coming days from three major donors: The Vodafone Foundation has already sent 500,000 crowns and sends another 700,000 crowns for double DMSky from Vodafone customers. Another half a million in aid promised to the Endowment Fund Avast. Prague City Council decided to contribute 1 million. When declaring collections People in Need also to help the victims of typhoon immediate release of 500,000 crowns from the Fund, the Friends of People in Need. In total, it will have over 17.8 million crowns.

Source: tz PIN
Tz Author: Petr Štefan, media coordinator
Photo: Archive PIN

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