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Sleep: harms him a lot and a little. How much is "just right"?

Sleep is good along with diet and adequate physical activity one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. Who sleep cheating, whether in the name of entertainment or work, play with fire. But it can be sometimes sleep on the contrary, too?

Everything in moderation

In case of insufficient sleep is not clear. Numerous scientific studies have found that too little sleep increases the risk of some diseases and clearly harmful to health. For too long sleep longer and conclusions of the studies are not clear, but most experts agree that too much sleep is also detrimental.

Health problems, which have a strong claim if you sleep too much, it seems, are as follows:
Diabetes - diabetes risk increases as lack of sleep, as well as its abundance.
Obesity - although the link between obesity and excess sleep is not as clear as in the case of deficiency probably exists: if every day you sleep too much, you're more likely to get fat.
Headache - people who are prone to headaches, often they are well aware that an unusually long sleep on weekends or on holidays will do them good.
Back pain - if you hurt your back, you should not be overly kurýrovat in bed. Conversely, doctors today recommend moderate physical activity from a long sleep rather discouraging.
Depression - most people with depression suffer more from insomnia, but about 15% of depressed patients sleep excessively. Too long sleep while depression may worsen and even partially opposite is also true - lack of sleep, in some cases, temporarily improves mood.
Heart Disease - although not yet know why doctors too long sleep in humans is associated with increased risk of disease, such as myocardial infarction.

Benefit to the thinness (or obesity?)

Too long, but also too short sleep increases the risk of obesity in adults and children. Therefore, if you desire to shed excess pounds, do not forget regular exercise and healthy food preparation also make time for a good rest.

Experts still argue why sleep deprivation is so closely associated with weight gain, but the reason may be quite prosaic: sleep-deprived people do not have the energy to exercise and also because they are more awake, have more time to eat. In addition, lack of sleep changes the levels of certain hormones, which can cause frequent hunger.

How long should a person sleep?

The need for sleep is largely individual and depends on the actual circumstances.
For each age group there are general recommendations that you should consider.
The recommended sleep time for preschool children - 9-10 hours at night to 2-3 hours during the day.
The recommended duration of sleep for school children - 9-11 hours.
The recommended sleep time for adults - 7-8 hours.

In addition, individual differences can affect sleep need some other circumstances. For example, pregnant women early in pregnancy often have much greater need for sleep. Also, if you have that in earlier days too not sleep much, it is necessary to supplement this deficit plentiful sleep. And last but not least, if your sleep is not good enough, for example, is intermittent, it will also need a larger total. Therefore, in addition to our sleep was not long enough, we should also see to it that the peaceful and uninterrupted. Just provide us with the proper rest, after which we will begin the new day refreshed and ready.

Source: U lékař
Author: MD. Helena Janíčková expert uLékař

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