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Where in the cold on a trip?

November and December are usually cold and snow and sleet many people shy away from business trips. Most often, tourists excuse to close castles, or the risk of colds during a long stay outside. However, there are locations in the Czech Republic, which are worth to visit and this just before Christmas. O What a place this is and why it is worth to take your time to them, we now introduce.

Visit the mountain village or historic Christmas market

Christmas in Prague

The month of December is traditionally the sign of the Christmas season. In most cities across the country to build and stalls offering festive treats and drinks. However, you should not miss the largest Christmas markets in our country, which is annually held at the Old Town Square in Prague. Officially start first December 2013 Christmas tree with a height of 24 meters, however, it lights up at the end of November. The festivities last for the entire month and ends on 1 January. "More and more people from all over the country on Christmas Prague has a charm of its interest. people in the capital seek accommodation with good access to the city center and usually combine a visit to the Christmas markets sightseeing. A number of them is open to visitors after the end of the season the castle, "said Luke Przybylski trend of residence Discount Slevoté portal.

Details: Christmas markets take place from 30 November from 18:00 until 1 January 2014 Price: Free Duration: 2 hours

Open-air museum in Rožnov

Among the sites that it does not lose its charm even in the cold months of the end of the year, ranks Wallachian Museum in Rožnov. This open air museum consists of several interrelated areas. The largest is the Wallachian Village, which includes a farmhouse, mill or forge and captures the life and living of people from the mid-19th century. The oldest and most visited area is then wooden town, opened in 1925, which presents a way of life in a small town in the same period. This allows you to see the manual production of sharpening stones or maybe wooden bowls.

Open-air museum opening hours not submit to the dictates castle season, some of its areas is therefore possible to visit before the end of the year. In December, the Wallachian Village so you can participate in such as Nicholas early evening with a tour of the complex sweet and intoxicating or even Christmas Fair. On it will be offered traditional Christmas dishes and vision such as plucking feathers or contemporary carols.

Tip: 5th 12th 2013 will be held the evening Nicholas, 14 12th 2013 organized a Christmas fair, price: CZK 200, Duration: 1.5 hours

Details: In Rožnov is also unique production of decorative candles and paraffin Unipar, which offers the possibility of excursions into the production process. After talking to so you can see for example how the candle color manually.

Mysterious Mountains and mountain settlement Rejviz

That is the fresh air for the human body in terms of health benefit, is a well known fact. When you rank among those who prefer to spend their free time in nature, and not particularly cold you do not mind, you would during November or December to visit those mountains. This site is offering a number of interesting tourist places that just in the cold autumn and winter months excel unique atmosphere. Reportedly the most fascinating areas of the mountain village Rejviz with its natural attractions as the Great moss bogs and ponds.

"The area is Rejvízu people very often desired location, even in winter. Besides hiking because its location is suitable for cross country skiing. Moreover, most visitors are attracted by the legendary Great moss lake area, which can be reached by wooden walkways across bogs and in bad weather. Brno Z takes approximately 2.5 hours from Prague is then about an hour longer, "explained Luke Przybylski of specialized residency Discount Slevoté portal, which offers mostly Jeseníkách weekend wellness and leisure.

Details: Mountain village Rejviz has a unique installation. January 1, 2005 was declared a rural conservation area, just with regard to preserved wooden folk architecture mainly from the 19th century, undistorted inappropriate modern buildings.

Tip: If you want to warm up in cold weather, you can take advantage of wellness in just 15 km away Priessnitze spa, known for its hydrotherapy.

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