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Probiotics - promising way to treat psoriasis

Probiotic bacteria have long been known for their beneficial effect on the digestive system. However, the major innovation now comes research that revealed the benefits of probiotics outside the intestine. The new method of treatment should particularly benefit patients suffering from psoriasis.

Immunity passes through the intestines

Vast areas of the digestive system is in daily contact with substances from the external environment, the intestinal immune system plays an important role in the overall development of immunity. Probiotic bacteria found in dairy products or food supplements, favorably affect the intestinal microflora. There is already strong evidence that probiotics not only affect the immune system of the digestive system, but the entire body.

It is effective against inflammation

The researchers studied a group of people composed of patients with different inflammatory diseases - was a patient with ulcerative colitis, psoriasis and chronic fatigue syndrome. The participants of the study for almost two months every day received probiotics in the diet. And the results?
After regular use of probiotics has occurred in all patients to reduce the levels of inflammatory substances in the blood.
For all three groups was reduced in blood inflammatory markers CRP (C-reactive protein).
Patients with psoriasis and chronic fatigue syndrome have decreased also another indicator of inflammation, called TNF-α (tumor necrosis factor alpha).

Probiotics are therefore likely to act on a wide variety of inflammatory diseases. This is the first research that attempted to influence the state of a patient suffering from psoriasis by modifying the intestinal microenvironment.

When more probiotics help

At present, the regular use of probiotics beneficial also in:
support immune function,
treatment of diarrhea,
lowering cholesterol,
lowering blood pressure,
treatment of irritable bowel syndrome,
therapy of allergies.

Whether treatment with probiotics certify indicates the near future. Their benefit already plays low price, good accessibility and especially minimum side effects.

Source: Rheumatic

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