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Best ad: Good experience and recommendations

Czech tourists in deciding on the most domestic vacation can be a good experience on their own, or on the advice of friends and acquaintances. It results from the summer stage of the research of domestic tourism, which today published a CzechTourism.

Own experience has been good in the summer decisive impetus to domestic holiday choice for almost half of domestic tourists. On the recommendation of friends and acquaintances gave 22 percent of respondents. The research also confirmed the trend that analysts agency CzechTourism observed previously.

"This confirms that the decisive factor for the selection of domestic holiday is customer satisfaction and service quality. While spreading the reference plays an important role in the so-called "word of mouth", ie of mouth and the Internet, which is the main source of detailed information about the destination, "said Rostislav Vondruška, CEO of CzechTourism.

Satisfaction with the services of Czech tourists during the holiday year on year increase. As many as 65 percent of respondents said they were very satisfied compared with previous years, an increasing number of tourists who are planning to go back to the visited sites.

The most popular activity of tourists in the Czech national holiday stays cognitive tourism, though its importance during the last four years, declining slightly. Very popular also enjoys hiking, which is in the Czech Republic more than century-old tradition, cycling, swimming and water sports. Domestic holiday spend most Czechs with partners or friends. Nearly half of extra tourists traveling with children.

And what is your experience of a holiday in the country?

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