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Having a roof over your head, like a rag, wish Filipinos

Typhoon Haiyan leaving behind devastated the central part of the Philippines. People who survived are struggling with the heat, lack of drinking water and food. ADRA International is sending two of the worst affected places food packages for three and a half thousand families in the affected areas is about ensuring access to drinking water or to build makeshift shelters.

Czechs have been posted to the account collections for the first five days of collection of more than four and a half million.
Money for the public to continue to send the account 41594159/0300, vs 395 or use donor DMS DMS ADRA to 87777 (Price 30 CZK).

The current situation and forecasts

Ministry of Social Affairs in the Philippines estimated that the typhoon hit 6.9 million people in 39 provinces, nearly 600,000 people are homeless. Wind and landslides destroyed 41,000 houses.
3,500 families have received food assistance, ADRA is about ensuring access to safe drinking water and shelters

ADRA on site focuses on three areas in which it started to provide basic assistance. "Visajských The island operates three of our teams are in charge of drinking water and provision of sanitary facilities, construction of shelters and food aid," lists the emergency coordinator ADRA International Moises Mosico . In his words, although power outages partially subsided, as local airports slowly starting to work, but many roads remain impassable, complicating humanitarian assistance.

For about three and a half thousand families ADRA provided food aid worth $ 55,000. Two and a half thousand hands out food parcels on the island of Iloilo, over a thousand in Northern Cebu.

Filipinos now afflicts a large hot. It is not to hide from the sun because the trees fell to the ground. "Fever heat alternating rain, which is the other extreme. People in front of him hiding in shelters of sails and sheets, but they immediately promoknou, "says Musico and explains that ADRA will be people handing out the ropes and waterproof materials, so that at least in the first phase to ensure the most urgent shelter. In addition, it is important that people have at least a basic privacy and maintain dignity. They are said to be very tired and stressed out.

Tension is escalating. People looting food stores, to conquer the vending machines.

Now stress and general despair results in aggression. "People are looting food stores, to conquer the vending machines. Tension is escalating and increasing skirmishes of the basic necessities of life. It went so far that the army had to intervene. He even started to pay curfew, "says Musico, who is only 27 years old and disaster are challenged, too." In Adre been working for two years, but I experience something for the first time. The streets were still lying dead body that one does not manage to bury the victims have not even be identified. I feel like crying when I see the survivors, who vainly searching for their families. One must not give in to it, but it's hard. We operate like machines. During the day in the field, dreamless sleep at night again and again, "he says.

The big problem is that it also has access to drinking water. The Visayas therefore ADRA sends its own water treatment plant and, in addition, in partnership with Global Medic ADRA looking for suitable locations for placement of treatment units and will also help distribute water purification tablets. "From Thursday we start handing out hygiene kits and where they will need , build showers and latrines, "says the coordinator.

Czechs know how to show solidarity and to all donors include great thanks

As of today, the Philippines is a team of trained relief workers Adry from around the world. Czechs are also involved. ADRA is with their colleagues in the connection and the situation in the Philippines closely monitored. It has launched a fundraising campaign on whose account sent the Czechs in the first five days of collection of more than four and a half million. According to director Michael Cancik it a lot. "Czechs know how to show solidarity and to all donors include big thank you," says with assurance that money quickly finds its use. He adds that ADRA is a network organization and thanks to the team of humanitarian workers on the spot, and started monitoring began coordinating humanitarian assistance. "I would like to emphasize that although ADRA Czech Republic these days intensively Philippines, continues to provide assistance to the Czechs, who were washed ashore during the June floods. It is also one of our priorities to the end of the year, "says Čančík.

How can you support the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines Haiyan?

financial contribution to the account of a public collection organization ADRA 41594159/0300, vs 395
donor by sending an SMS with the DMS ADRA to 87777 (Price 30 CZK, ADRA receives 28.50 CZK)
rapid on-line payment to:

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