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The story of methadone

Many people still can not agree whether methadone is a drug or medicine. Some see it as salvation, others casting out the devil the devil. The controversial story of methadone is breakneck and convoluted since its inception. Where did actually married and who brought it to us?

War stigma

For the first time, methadone was synthesized in 1939 in pharmaceutical laboratories in Germany. He was the product of a long search for new analgesics, which began in the eighties of the 19th century. What happened?

It is said to have been used during the Second World War and has been manufactured to order. Both of these claims have but apparently the clay feet.
The name itself methadone was first used in 1947 and the first tests carried out in 1942.
He was granted the army, who worked with him under the name Amidon, but it certainly was not used during the war. Even the makers of pharmaceutical laboratories and even military doctors because it could not take in adequate doses.
This drug has not been approved or in addition to commercial use.

Controversial claims

Methadone was widely used during World War II to relieve pain. Therefore, it is a bit far-fetched to say that it was the opposite and it was used as a substitute for morphine called Dolofin. He is said to be derived from the addition of the first name Adolf Hitler. Dolofin exists, but its name is derived from the Latin words "dolor" and "finis" or end the pain. Similarly, incorrect assertion is that Amidon fit then known among the soldiers and the public as Adolfin. This name is actually created in the 70th years in New York, opponents of methadone as an attempt to discredit its use as a drug.

"Wild" substitution

The origins of substitution treatment in the Czech Republic were no wild exaggeration. From the 70th years of the last century were used ethylmorphine and buprenorphine to treat addiction to homemade opiate "braun". The very first methadone came to us in 1992 from Switzerland. Was imported, MD. George passed, the head of the Foundation Drop-in. After a number of problems with the customs authorities and medical treatment was eventually allowed - but only as an annual experiment. In 1997, the Department for addiction treatment under the guidance of MD. Petra Popova running another similar program released by the Ministry of Health. But he was limited to 20 patients.

Offering assistance

Czech government finally swayed to act, and in 1999 formed an official standard replacement therapy. Capacity Apolinár the doctor Popova was gradually increased to 100 patients. But this was not enough, and it was launched in May 2000, an additional 7 substitution programs. Despite the tough and wild beginnings as methadone helps today.

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