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How to Save on compulsory insurance

How to Save on compulsory insurance Bonus is usually a key factor in determining the final price of liability insurance. With no claims discount for the course can be a standard insurance save up to half, some insurance companies even 60% of the basic premium. We bring you a few tips on how to save money through bonus insurance as possible.

Insurance companies are required by law to take into account the cost of liability insurance prior year reference period in the form of discounts, which says bonus.
The specific level of bonuses is calculated as the sum of complete months for which the policyholder is insured by some insurance company. The opposite is then malus when subtracted months for any insured event which caused the client. Individual history of the policyholder or the insured course, is one of the most important factors in determining the total amount of premiums for compulsory insurance. Insurance companies have introduced a bonus system from 1 First 2000, which means that clients can now receive up to 165 months bezeškodného course. For maximum insurance discount but enough to reach at least 120 months bezeškodného course. In this case, the client has at most insurance companies are entitled to 50% discount.

Changing insurance companies will not lose the bonus

Although this is a fairly well-known fact, it should be mentioned that changing the insurance client on their current bonuses coming. Bonuses are transferred between different insurance companies. Through the damage that manages the Czech Insurers' Bureau, you can check your insurance claim process and determine the correct amount of the bonus. Although we at the end of the insurance policy directly from the insurance company called confirmation of claims-free record, in case you need to prove entitlement to the bonus.

Convert a double bonus and rebate

If you have more cars in the family, you can save on compulsory insurance by converting bonuses. Insurance companies often offer insurance under the bonus option to transfer to a family member. Triglav Insurance Company, for example, allows you to transfer the bonus to the spouse living in the same household. At the same time bonus can be transferred from individual to individual non-business entrepreneurs and vice versa.

With bonus you can get cheaper auto insurance quotes

Save with bonuses you can also negotiate with accident insurance. Insurance companies calculate bonus for vehicle insurance based on actual claims experience under this insurance. They also take into account previous insurance and other insurance companies, where it is necessary to show the duration of the written confirmation. Many insurance companies allows rutted bonus on damage liability apply even in accident insurance. Thanks bezeškodnímu course simply get the same discount on liability and accident insurance.

The culprits of accidents can pay on Malus

If you drive without accidents each year until you reach the maximum level of bonus entitled to higher insurance discount. If the be to blame for an accident and your liability insurance indemnity is paid to the victim, the insurance company applies the so-called malus. This means that the client is seeking a part time and without damage insurance thus he raises. Some will be deducted for client claims, bonus 24 months, another 36 months.

The interesting thing is that if someone has the maximum bonus, one caused by an insured event does not have to hurt him. "Where a client rutted example, 160 months, in the event of a claim for individual insurance companies get the discount level 136 or 124 months. This is still a bonus level to guarantee the highest possible discounts for claims-free record, "calms exemplary driver Sznapka Roman, product manager at Triglav Insurance Company.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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