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Unilateral tariff change? You can change the operator!

Mobile operators often change their terms and conditions and usually not always to the delight of customers. But what if the client operator to unilaterally change the whole fare? In this case, fortunately the customer without penalty to withdraw from the contract. But it has done on time.

Many clients operator Telefónica O2 surprised by the information that they will be canceling their old tariffs and Telefónica is converted to one of its existing tariffs. "Such forced change of tariffs is not unprecedented for us, most operators maintain the basic conditions of customer contracts, as agreed, "says the association's legal adviser dTest Miloš gin and adds:" Contrary to minor modifications trading conditions are relatively frequent customer they usually do not even notice. "

Generally, any amendment to the contract must be approved by both parties. The Electronic Communications Act gives operators an exemption if they want to change the terms, but must comply with specified rules. "Information about the change must be published at least one month before the date on which they have to pay the new conditions. The customer must also be clearly informed about the change in the same way he sent the bill. At the same time, the operator must teach him that he can withdraw without penalty from the contract, "says gin and states:" When these conditions are met, the customer has the time of withdrawal no later than the effective date of the new terms. However, if the operator fails to comply with the statutory requirements, for example inform the client later or conceal him, he can terminate the contract, then change the conditions to the customer is not at all effective. "

A big problem is fixed-term contracts because of their termination, the customer must often pay a penalty or obligation to pay until the end of the contract. "When a unilateral change in conditions, the operator of a customer the right of withdrawal use, impose any sanctions. So i can withdraw from the contract for a fixed term or the contract with a subsidized phone, "says Miloš further gin.

In case the customer is not satisfied with the change of the contract, can use such opportunities to switch operators without risking the usual penalties. Magazine dTest for consumers prepare transparent calculator mobile tariffs on / tariffs .

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