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Film premiere online - legally!

Film premiere online - legally! Film Oscar winning director Danis Tanovic episode from the life of collector iron enters 24th October 2013 in the Czech distribution in an unusual way: Premier Day and Date, ie in cinemas and on the internet at the same time.

An episode from the life of collector iron - an image that bewitched this year's jury Berlinale, where it won three awards including the Grand Jury Prize, viewers will be able the same day premiere watch online on the internet or go to your favorite movies. The film will premiere as part of putting available for free on the portal from Thursday 24th 10th to Sunday, the 27th 10th 2013.

An episode from the life of collector iron

Nazif feeds collecting iron from landfills. His wife Senada at home taking care of two kids. The third is about the world. But Senada miscarry, and because he has health insurance, the doctors refuse to operate until it has paid 500 Euro. Such, however, the family has no money, so the only way to save the life of Senad, fraud ...

About the film
Curious Award-winning film for Best Actor and the Grand Prix at this year's Berlinale is specific in that in the lead roles will feature real actors in this case, which in Bosnia stirred up debate about medical ethics, the situation of socially excluded families, etc. This film is, however, very light, carried the central theme of love and a happy life that does not necessarily mean thousands of accounts and fancy house.

Awards: Grand Jury Prize, Berlinale 2013
Ecumenical Jury Special Award, Berlinale 2013
Silver Bear for Best Actor (Nazif Mujica), Berlinale 2013

Word of director


"The film is a reconstruction of the actual event and its aims, inter alia, to show what discrimination must face the minorities, especially the Roma in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I think that this story must be seen, not only to discuss the issue of various kinds of alienation and discrimination. It is important to understand through emotion as the victim of discrimination feels to reach the moment when we all ask ourselves: What manner of men we did this happen?

How is it possible that fifteen years after the war - in which I was a daily witness to the incredible bravery and self-sacrifice, when people risked their lives to help others - we live in a society that turns her head away from socially disadvantaged people and behaves as if seen the horror that surrounds us? No system can be human, unless human people themselves among themselves.

I believe that discriminatory behavior against Roma people as is common practice throughout Europe today. I've traveled and I do not think it's a worldwide problem. There are countries where people care about their well, regardless of the color of their skin. "

The theme of the film

"O Senadině case I read in the local newspaper, sometime around Christmas of 2011. I was really angry and immediately called Amre, its known to the producer. We decided to send someone to verify the history, and then I personally visited the village. I met the couple and immediately felt their warmth and hospitality. They were a little scared when I told them that I wanted what happened to them, to make a film. First, they do not much want to, but I told them that I did not have anything like that revolve, and that at worst the film do not show anyone. But I still wanted to try. After a few days we talked again and they agreed. I was not sure how it will turn out, but I felt that I had to do. "

True story

"This is a true story and I really tried to get as close as possible. All the scenes I described the first Nazif and accordingly we tried to play. Without a script. I did not try to do it more dramatic than it was, because it was already pretty incredible.

Senada alive and live in the village you see in the film. It's a gypsy village and I was very grateful for all the help we received. Most of the film was shot in places where everything happened. Almost all the people in the film are real people who have played a role in the actual events. Nazif brothers, cousins, the whole village ... Even the doctor is the same guy who Senad hospital investigated. Not output the only doctor who refused to operate Senado. For obvious reasons, I did not have in the movie, so I asked a friend who is a doctor, if he could not play. Another friend the doctor, I took the role of a doctor who eventually operated Senado. It was for practical reasons, because we were shooting the scene in Sarajevo and our budget was tight. "

Return to roots

"I made ​​this film on a Canon 5D Mark II. During the war I was a filmmaker and I learned to shoot in similar conditions in which I filmed an episode in the life of collector iron, so for me it was nothing new. I was almost happy that I returned to my roots and worked that way. The hardest part was filming with children. Nazif and Senada were very natural especially at first, so we rarely filmed one shot more than three times. "

Danis Tanović
Born on 20 Second 1969 in Zenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he studied directing at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Sarajevo. In the first two years of the war led archive of documentary films for which filmed reports. You made him famous on the international scene. From 1995 to 1997 he studied film directing in Brussels, where he continued filming documentaries.
In the field of film directing successful debut tragicomedy No Man's Land (No Man's Land, 2000), which earned him a number of important international awards: he won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, European Film Award a prize at Cannes for best screenplay and Cesar for best first film.
Followed segment of the anthology film 11'09'' 01 (2002), a drama based on a screenplay by Krzysztof Kieślowski Hell (L'enfer, 2004), Triage (OCI War, 2009) and Cirkus Columbia (2010).

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