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Knight, soldier, pilot, or perhaps a young scientist? In Milovice everything possible!

Knight, soldier, pilot, or perhaps a young scientist? In Milovice everything possible! All day fun not only for children but also their parents and even grandparents will offer on Saturday 19th October Milovicko Mirakulum which, to this day, once again joins forces with neighboring tankodrome.

In addition to dozens of permanent attractions offer entertainment and educational park theater and musical performances, fencing and face painting. Will also benefit those who descend from all this running around a 10-hectare campus hunger: Ready will also be extended style snacks.

First time visitors are also in the building of Fine workshop center opens biology laboratory, equipped with an arsenal of microscopes and other equipment manufacturers Levenhuk Optics. "After opening the epic nature trail comes to our next post intriguingly conceived the natural sciences. In this spirit, we will continue on, "says Jiří Antoš, owner of TR Antoš, which stands for the realization MIRAKUL.

Tankodrom will be particularly attractive to men of visitors Milovic: combat demonstrations of military history club, competition for quad riding, training camp and martial bases of the U.S. Army. That's still not enough, sharp '? Then put away the armored personnel carrier BVP or Hummer, the arrival of a column of military vehicles exhibition T55 tank or a helicopter Robinson R44.

The fact that the combination of a fantasy world of military technology can work well and complement one another, to convince visitors at the beginning of the season. Those who had missed or were Milovice satisfied, this time can come close the season.

In addition to the permanent attractions such as giant swings, a trampoline, a fairytale castle, nature trail or country Pigs Pigyho for the smallest visitors will be 10 to 17 hours ready theatrical and musical performances, face painting, fencing and other program not only for Children.

While moms with kids wander off into the maze of underground passages or, dads will be able to tankodrome try to ride the armored personnel carrier (100, - CZK) and Hummer (50, - CZK) holiday period combat demonstration and exhibition tank T55, which starts in 15 H. Finally, you can still compete for ATVs and experience what it means to be a member of the U.S. Army. Who would then like to explore this whole 'upheaval' of the world, may for 500 CZK taste helicopter rides.

The Park Mirakulum

The initiator and operator Mirakulum Park is TR Antoš sro company with years of experience in building theme parks and sports fields at home and abroad. The original project Milovický leisure complex in combination with an educational forest trail is an exceptional concept, which does not have analogues in the Czech Republic. Desetihektarová area is a promise sufficient space and provide capacity for visitors from near and beyond.

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