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Exhibition of Czech crown jewels Six Chick

Exhibition of Czech crown jewels Six Chick A few centuries into the past, particularly in the time of Charles IV., Soon transferred business area of ​​Prague. From 25 October's premises excels Czech crown jewels.

Visitors will not be guarded carefully prepared and ready exposure to a masterpiece replica of St. Wenceslas crown, scepter and orb: until mid-November, the entire center styled in the time of Charles IV. and commemorate important milestones Czech history. On display will be an exhibition of contemporary clothing, guns and swords, the statue of Charles IV himself. or model of Karlstejn. Visitors will also get an insight into the production of exposed replicas of the Crown Jewels.

Keeping a six on the idea of ​​an epic project led response to the disclosure of Czech crown jewels regularly accompanies. As well as the fact that many people, including families with small children stay several hours in queues at Prague Castle will not finish. "This is - among families and even foreign visitors are in the survey experienced a very positive response. The award we came even after we learned that it was not made ​​public and will only get units replicas. Ours will allow all candidates to explore in detail the incredible precision and charm jewelery, "explained Barbara Frydrychová, marketing manager OC Six.

The master copy of its order crown, scepter and orb made ​​by top Czech jeweler and jeweler George Urban of Turnova. The admiration and professionals received a replica of the Imperial crown, one of the largest medieval monuments saved in Vienna, copies Sedlecké monstrance, the first replica of the Crown of St. Wenceslas, created some time ago for an exhibition in Prague Luxembourg. For the production replica of St. Wenceslas crown, orb and scepter used by the author of gilded silver, stones faithfully replaced by a special glass composition. I still exceeds the value of the replica 3 million.

The newly created replicas Czech coronation jewels give you the opportunity to stop at three symbols that accompany the Czech nation and the state over the centuries, to reflect on without bodyguards specified time over the past and the future ... And of course, admire the craftsmanship, artistic flair, skills and skills of those who today can link the old masters as convincingly converted to the present.

And despite the fact that George Urban had to manufacture copies of only a few months: "The offer I could accept only because I had on previous work enough information processed and promised to help artists - Cepkových spouses - from Slovakia. The crown and orb me due to take up after two months of pure goldsmith's work, husbands Cepek process scepter. Replicas are made ​​in scale and as accurate as possible in the circumstances meet the superior craftsmanship of the original idea. The impression must in this way of working trail off very convincingly. "

Czech Crown Jewels are a set of objects of inestimable historical value. Attending the coronation of Czech kings and remains the foundation of the Czech Republic remain irreplaceable symbol of Czech statehood and historical continuity. The originals are stored in the Crown Chamber St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, one of the most guarded places in the country. From there they are taken out and displayed exclusively at Prague Castle only on special occasions. Their exposure may decide exclusively the President.

The most important part is the file trio royal insignia: St. Wenceslas crown, royal scepter and royal apple. St. Wenceslas crown left in the years 1345 to 1346 by Charles IV. on the occasion of his coronation of the King of Bohemia, and other objects created later.

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