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The largest 3D printer in the world constructed Czechs

The largest 3D printer in the world constructed Czechs Czech Republic next week will become the venue for the premiere largest 3D printers in the world. 3D printer with a model named MAXI present AROJA Czech company, which is one of the leading manufacturers of equipment and software for 3D printing under the brand 3Dfactories. The largest 3D printer will be officially unveiled at the International Engineering Fair in Brno, where the public can see it with my own eyes.

Manufacturing largest 3D Printer with FDM technology is cutting-edge development and application of experience gained AROJA company due to the large sales abroad. World unique device while originated in a small village near Brno Strážnice. The printer allows you to print 3D objects with dimensions 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm (with optional extension up to 6000 mm) and bring further technological innovation. Due to the size of the premium features innovative equipment nozzles and revised structures. A new option to print large 3D models especially appreciate the designers, but also schools where 3D printing has been widely used.

Model MAXI other 3D printers AROJA present the company to the public at the International Engineering Fair in Brno. In addition there will be MAXI printer on the market for more innovative 3D printer. Visitors will be able to familiarize themselves not only with professional 3D printers, but printers designed for everyday use. "At the fair will present Visions 3D printer 3D Printer, which is due to its simple operation and reasonable price suitable for home use. The printer works in the Plug & Play, you can print to it without connecting to a PC directly from an SD Memory Card and its price ranges from 20 to 25 000 CZK, "adds the prepared news Jan Škopík, representative AROJA, which is a manufacturer of 3D printers 3Dfactories brand.

On the Czech market are 3D printers have been available since 1995, the intensive growth of interest in this device, however, occurred in recent months. Currently used 3D printing mainly school slévařské and aerospace companies, developers, electrical engineers or designers. Most 3D printers purchases carried out in the past due to the higher cost especially public institutions or private companies. After resetting the printer Visions 3D Printer is not expected to increase interest in 3D printing as well as by private persons. "Interest printers and materials for 3D printing has increased in recent months, tens of percent. As foreign demand for our products exceeds our production capacity and new and we expect interest from domestic users, is preparing to launch another production line for the manufacture of printers Vision with a production capacity of up to 500 units per month, "says Škopík the explosive growth of interest in Czech 3D printer.

News from the field of 3D printing from AROJA visitors can holiday at the International Engineering Fair (MSV) from 7 to 11 October at the Brno Exhibition Centre. Pavilion V P and exposure number 16 AROJA company will introduce a 3D printer, new materials for printing and largest 3D printer in the world. Visitors can also special 3D print of chocolate and briefing about 3D printing.

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