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Operators benefit from credit fraud

Forbidden high billed lines for arranging consumer loans continue to function. Supervisory authorities found a way to capture the scammers and telecommunications companies on the current state benefit. The call charges are also 40%.

Lawyers association dTest managed to get the information, what are the commission agents and operators of high tariffed numbers. "Digits probably amaze many. The call, which is 95 CZK per minute, operators have to rip apart and 40 CZK, "says Miloš gin, Legal Advisor magazine dTest, adding:" If we subtract the tax in the state, then the operator telephone lines much left. "There is no then surprising that operators alike crooks too concerned, quite nicely fills their coffers.

Proverbs. Mr. Smith and informed the show's enough! the, paid for airtime on the line of Maghera Royal total 31,635 CZK. According to the information gathered should therefore charge divided about as follows:
Telefonica O2 + Dial Telecom approx 13.334, - CZK
(Operator + aggregator)
Country (VAT) 5.490, - CZK
Royal Maghera about 12,811, - CZK

 * Contracts with individual providers may be individual, the exact amount of commission may vary.

According to the Czech Trade Inspection Maghera Royal circumvents the law - its workers is contrary to the facts argue that only provide loans to entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, the CTI satisfied with this explanation and to punish in an administrative proceeding has been made. "Under the Civil Code, the act of circumventing the law invalid, Maghera thus charging high amounts unduly," says Miloš gin and explains: "It is not important whether Maghera pretends to provide business loans . The ad is clearly aimed at the consumer and none of the deluded, who turned to our clinic, an entrepreneur is not and never has been. "

Each meeting is to be judged by the content of a consumer loan is recognized by the purpose for which it would negotiate. "People who call the line Maghery, most want a loan to solve their personal, not business financial situation. Pursuant to the Act are therefore consumers, although in addition have a business license, "says gin and adds:" The illegality operator's actions and intentions routes callers to borrow for private purposes evidenced by the fact that Maghera expressly provides execution of trades in contracts to place ICO. "

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