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Richard Müller on tour, which is unprecedented

Richard Müller on tour, which is unprecedented More than three dozen Czech and Slovak cities, sold-out concerts and enthusiastic audience response. The dream of all domestic artists became a reality for Richard Müller. Legend once united the two countries successfully launched over the weekend its long-planned tour called VOICES.

The planned thirty-two concerts adds great interest to others. After Bratislava, Kosice and Nitra is a unique project of multiple Golden Nightingale and Fragile group also presented twice in the two largest Czech cities. The original nearly sold-out evening concert was in Prague and Brno added another in the afternoon.

Even after three decades on the scene Richard Müller continues to surprise his fans. After nine months of preparation, the group managed to Fragile tour aptly named voice that in the history of Czech-Slovak music is unparalleled. Hear about him is the only musical instrument to accompany him will only members of the vocal octet led by bandleader Braňo dice.

"All twenty songs to sing during the two-hour performance, we chose very carefully. And everyone, including those people know very well, we introduce a completely new version. I myself was surprised when I first heard the stairs 'in the form, a cappella'. I was so touched, it was a unique experience for me, I've seen so far, "said
the singer, who in addition to musical training nor underestimate the visual impression.

"Like voices are perfect in its purest form and can replace any musical instrument, I wanted to even the scene was minimal. Dominated by cloud, looking at him with my mind, loving the rains' and 'pressure which'. I believe that in conjunction with lighting and other effects to create something extremely interesting and impressive, "believed to be Richard Muller before the start of the tour. And his intention to not only meet expectations, but even surpassed it. Convinced of this, during the initial sold-out concert at New Castle Světlov whose visitors Slovak legend appreciated the standing ovation for the fourth song.

Proof that the award-winning artist hits such as, Happiness is a beautiful thing ',' baroque ',' Naked II. 'Or' Night Optics' enjoying the favor of both the Slovak and the Czech audience is in great demand for tickets. After Bratislava, Kosice and Nitra were added concerts in Prague and Brno. The originally scheduled performances 22nd September from 19:30 Janacek Theatre and 1st October from 20:00 at the Great Hall of the Prague's Lucerna added in the Czech capital afternoon concert from 17:00 and from 16:00 Moravian.

Source: Press Release

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