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In the Prague Zoo was born critically endangered tiger

In the Prague Zoo was born critically endangered tiger In the background of feline house was born male Sumatran tiger. Prague is the third generation of these extremely rare beasts. Reopening the pavilion for visitors due to the ease of chick significantly delayed.

"The delivery was on Sunday, the 28th July. Tigress Sura began around two o'clock in the afternoon search for peace in the delivery box. Around three o'clock we have the cameras saw young, "says Vera Makovská, top breeder of felines. "Due to the June events, when the sura along with Falco evacuated due to floods in quarters Siberian tigers at the top of the zoo and exposed to high loads during sleep and consequent stress of the unknown, we are very happy that everything has proceeded without complications," he adds.

The male is the third generation of a line of Sumatran tigers, bred in Prague. In 2007, his father was born there - male Falco, in 1994, my grandfather - male Dustin.

"Repair interior is so female and cub were calm. This means that the re-opening of the pavilion is significantly delayed, "said
Miroslav Bobek, director of the Prague Zoo." Pavilion open by 1 January 2014. "

Young male is by breeders very vital. In the past week, reaching weights 3.5 pounds, has grown his teeth and begins to slowly climb out of the birthing shed. The outdoor enclosure starts walking around in November, and visitors will see it and maybe even before opening the interior of the pavilion. "It will depend whether it will be handy and able to follow the mother," says breeder Vera Makovská.

Sumatran tiger is the smallest of the five subspecies of tiger. These include the critically endangered species. He lives only on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. The local reserves left just over 400 individuals. In zoos of Europe is around 100 animals. Bred in captivity are still a rarity.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo to tz Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha

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