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Almost half of the honey does not regulations

Almost half of the honey does not regulations In the test commercially available honey which dTest magazine published last year, revealed serious deficiencies in a third of the samples tested. Long-term unsatisfactory situation in the quality of honey in Czech retail confirmed by recently published results of the test carried State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority,

Nearly half of the samples (12 of 25) was evaluated as unsatisfactory, mostly due to the use of sugars, syrups, dyes and other additives. SZPI banned the sale of non-conforming lots as sellers initiate administrative proceedings to impose sanctions.

In the test SZPI was worst honey supplied by the manufacturer as JSG med - full 9 of 12 unsatisfactory honeys are out of production. Two samples were unsatisfactory from the distributor Grocery CZ sro and one sample from Alnatura GmbH, presented as a bio product. Also last year, the test failed nearly half SZPI products.

That designation BIO may not be a guarantee of quality and safety confirmed by test results dTest magazine (published in issue 5/2012) - thanks to the presence of pesticides in the test failed, but two products labeled organic - Albert Bio blossom honey and Bill Our Bio / Med floral mixed forest . In the same test further due to illegal admixture fell JSG JSG Med meadow of honey and a honey Honey Floral blossom honey from Kauflad Still Fiori, bee blossom honey from nectar brand Beekeeping Court of honey bee blossom forest marketed under the brand Product Bohemia. Fared best in test med directly from the beekeeper.

Legislation EU and the Czech Republic defines honey as a natural carbohydrate food origin created by bees. To make honey really honey, do not add anything to it other than turn only pure honey. Latter is of course more expensive than med set-up, which leads to some producers attempt to increase falsification of its profits at the expense of consumers, their wallets and health. Producers of honey mixed with sugars, syrups or dyes, which in honey in any case not. Other violations occur errors during processing.

The entire test honey published in the journal dTest 5/2012 can be found at / honeys

Source: tz dTest

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