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You are buying a second hand car? We will help you!

A lot of people nowadays takes used vehicles from the bazaar or from their friends on the other hand. Before concluding the purchase agreement do not forget to carefully check the car for which you often invite mechanics. The actual purchase of the vehicle but often agonizing. In this article we give you advice on how to proceed when buying a used car and what administrative tasks to forget.

Step 1: Carefully purchase agreement

When buying a second hand car, always make sure the correct version of the purchase contract. On the Internet there are a number of models agreements download. The purchase agreement should primarily contain unmistakable identification of both parties to the trade approach. In addition, there should be explicitly stated that the seller is the owner of the vehicle. Following should be careful description cars, which may include the make, vehicle type, engine number, year of manufacture of the vehicle, its registration number and color number and a technical certificate. It is usually recommended to supplement and mileage. Under the purchase agreement, you can also specify whether out of the car seller need, or you as a buyer. You can also specify a deadline by which the seller has to pass all the requirements of the car, and possible sanctions if the deadline is exceeded.

Step 2: Check-out vehicles

After drafting the purchase agreement should be made out to the name of the seller of the vehicle. This opt-out can be done either by the seller or you. If auto logout its original owner, it needs to do so both technical papers and your data. In the event that you carry out yourself, you will also need a power of attorney from the original owner of the car. In both situations, the vehicle will be checking out at the register vehicles at the place of residence of the seller. The very act out is not charged. At the office must submit an application for registration of changes in the data from the registry of motor vehicles, whose form can be found on the Internet. From the time-out period begins 10 days in which you, as the buyer to complete the full transcript of the car itself.

Step 3: Establishing liability

Uninsured car can not drive on the road. While selling it after logging vehicles will disturb you, you can have up to 7 days from the termination of the original contract to set up a new insurance. To auto run as soon as possible, you can use any of the Internet graders. They offer a detailed comparison of bids insurers. "After taking out insurance on-line immediately send a green card through e-mail. Just double-sided print it on a color printer. Green card comes naturally to the client by post. In the event that the client will still have to change the license plate, it is possible to conclude insurance on VIN, "explains David Tacl, director ČeskéPojištění.cz portal that offers free comparison offers liability insurance." In the event that the client comes to risk ages it is possible that the payment climbs too high. It is not necessary that the policyholder was also the owner of the car. Car insurance can therefore conclude such as parents, if he agrees, "advises Tacl.

Step 4: Vehicle Control

The next step that you should take as a buyer, the registration check of the vehicle. That can be done at any technical inspection station. Employees station determine whether the actual state of the car corresponds to the data that are listed in the original two technical certificates, so be sure to take with you. The staff will supervise this operation VIN, engine number, body color, but even hitch, the number of seats or the sizes and types of tires. For control of pay around 200-400 CZK. Then you draw up a protocol for accounting control, which is valid for 10 days and is required for the transcription of the vehicle.

Step 5: Login vehicles

Login car is required to register vehicles in your place of residence completed within 10 days from out of the car. You will need an identity card, purchase agreement or other proof of purchase of vehicles, large and small technical certificate, certificate of registration checks, proof of valid roadworthiness certificate and a party liability. If you represent a car from another region, you will need to bring a plate , which will replace the transcript. You also need to fill out and submit a transcript of the vehicle, which is again a form downloaded from the Internet. "After obtaining the new license plate, you should report this information to your insurance company to update your car insurance. This report is now possible through the internet. Changing the registration marks on the contrary does not affect the validity of vignettes, in this case, therefore, does not change the coupon. So if the car you buy has a vignette, you can after the expiration date continue to use, "says David Tacl of the portal ČeskéPojištění.cz

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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