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Conceiving a child is not an automatic guarantee the birth of another child

One branch has you running around the apartment, but the second baby could not come. When it went once, where's the problem now? The problem is called secondary infertility and the reasons may be more.

Nobody is without risk

It is the inability of formerly fertile couple to conceive another child. Mostly limit is at least a one-year endeavor. Secondary infertility suffer 11% of couples who already have at least one child, which is estimated at a third to half of all infertile couples. Therefore, I do not think that you just can not happen.

What is the problem?

About one-third of cases is due to female infertility, third the male and the last third is a problem for both of steam or reason is not detectable. Secondary infertility is caused by the same health standards as the primary. These include:
in women:
failure of ovulation,
blockage of the fallopian tubes,
repeated abortions;
low numbers, poor condition or low sperm motility.

Possible explanations

Question unfortunate pair usually is: How is it possible that it does not now, when before the problem was? The question is legitimate, but not always is answered. However, there are several possible options:

Age. Certain diseases worsen with increasing age and can later be an obstacle when trying to conceive (endometriosis, fibroids). It also decreases with age, as the quality of eggs and sperm.

Health. People change and their health often. They may be additional difficulties such as the thyroid gland, which in a woman conceiving more difficult. The problem may be prevalent sexually transmitted disease that can change the state of the reproductive organs. Unfortunately for women, these diseases are often asymptomatic and therefore are not adequately treated. One study described the positivity of some sexually transmitted disease in 55% of infertile women.

Lifestyle changes. If you look at your life, not near you happen to bad habits of smoking, excessive amounts of alcohol or a kilo of weight? And it may be the reasons for which the human body is changing and it may continue to be ideal for procreation.

Good Fortune. Another possibility is that you should always be conceived adverse health condition, but once you just got lucky and despite the difficulties, we succeeded.

Doctors scoring points

However descend in mind. As with primary infertility, there are options for you to help fill your needs. Examinations that you have to go, and eventual treatment is no different from those couples with infertility undergoing primary - and, like them, you may also be the result of a completely healthy baby.

Source: Women's

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